$20 trillions = a stack of $5.00 bills that would extend beyond the moon or almost three round trips of dollar bills to the moon and back. That’s the guesstimated cost that cumulated in the 2008 financial meltdown to homeowners, investors, taxpayers, job seekers, and so many others.

Inside Job, a docudrama by Charles Ferguson

  • “thunderstruck and boiling with rage” (LA Times)
  • What can we believe in? There’s nothing to trust anymore? ( Editor Financial Times)
  • What happened to Change we can believe in? (Frank Rich NYT)

The 2008 financial meltdown cost “tens of millions of people their savings, their jobs and their homes” throughout the world. This film chronicles how and why it happened.

Warning – This movie paints president from Reagan through Obama as little more than bag men for a dishonest shadow financial industry that has systematically looted, defrauded, & swindled,  - depositors, investors, home owners, job seekers, tax payers and so many more.

I’m sorry, seeing Inside Job has left me too shell shocked to write more.

Let me leave you with this

Why do you think there’s not a systematic investigation of what happened? The answer from one of the half dozen experts in the docudrama who predicted and tried to stop the crisis - Because then you’d find the culprits.


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