Photo Democratic Congresswomen

Gabrielle Giffords

“A Jewish Democrat congress women who had voted for Obamacare, against the controversial [Arizona] immigration reform, and had her offices vandalized was shot in the head along with 9 others by a 22 year old white male who listed Hitler’s Mien Kampf as one of his favorite books. She was holding a political rally.”

Congresswomen Giffords is holding on, but 6 others are dead, including a Federal Judge. Thanks to EWanapat for the heads up on this story (see comments section of blog)

The Huffington Post is running live updates on her conditions (shot in the head) and the story. NYT has the Arizona massacre  as its lead story – In Attack’s Wake, Political Repercussions

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik: Arizona ‘Mecca For Prejudice & Bigotry’ There are some obvious political overtones emerging. Several of you have suggested in the comments section that Violence, bigotry and fear is a significant problem that America needs to address.(more tomorrow)


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