Arianna Huffington


Arianna is the most powerful women blogger out there.

This summer her Huffington Post surpassed  the NYT in

number of hits.



There are several reasons, but perhaps paramount is this woman knows what to write about and how to write.

Some gems from her latest on the 2012 Republican election campaign

The Disconnect Rises


…some might expect that the seemingly endless debates and breathless saturation of media coverage of it all would converge into a real discussion of our major problems…. What we got instead was a deluge of attack ads, largely financed by the super PACs allowed by the Citizens United decision.

Former George Bush aide John Bridgeland, who helped found Opportunity Nation, professed himself “shocked” by America’s standing relative to Europe and Canada. “Republicans will not feel compelled to talk about income inequality,” he said. “But they will feel a need to talk about a lack of mobility – a lack of access to the American Dream.”




Since Last Friday Investors411 has focused on the negative impact income inequality has on countries.

Those countries with greater income inequality like the USA have far more health and social problems.

Inequality vs health and social well-being

To Live the American Dream

You Don’t Have to Move To Denmark

You Can Fight For It Here

The Equality Trust is a group co Founded by Richard Wilkinson whose TED lecture has now been viewed by over 700,000.

YOU Can Make a Difference

Spread the Word

Join the Equality Trust







Wall Street Bull and OWS Symbol


  • JPM  the before the bell earnings report Friday will set the tone. Big banks are leaders in the current rally and JPM is perhaps the most solvent of the group.
  • Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator (MO) rose to +56.65 . 50DMA at +0,37 Getting close to overbought territory – about +60. Since early 2008 a reading near +90 has indicated a reversal is coming, (for more see  STRATEGY link at top of blog)= NEUTRAL/bearish
  • Starting to get worried about market being too overbought. One 200+ point Dow move would put us close to +90 or way overbought.
  • The benchmark S&P 500 held onto its gains yesterday. We took out the October high – but the move was relatively minor as was the volume increase. A timid breakout.
  • The tea leaves seem to say that the rally will fizzle out in the end of January. It will be a higher high and perhaps we can also establish a higher low.
  • USA is leading right now, but can be dragged down by Europe, China, Iran, no payroll tax cuts and/or an unforeseen event.

Overnight Data From Europe

Germany’s DAX

Italian 10 year bond




Paul’s Corner

Home Builders?


Last week in the comments section I mentioned the home builders are moving in the following post.


I also posted later in the day, a spread sheet with home building stocks that past first muster with me.


It looks like a home builder or two should be added to Your Stock List 2012. To do that we need member support to look at the stocks and make your suggestions. Perhaps I missed a great home builder one of you is familiar with?

I have already selected and purchased two builders for my own portfolio (which I won’t mention) and will probably add a related stock. (Which I did)

Kindly take a look at the home builder stocks and make your suggestions as to which stock(s) we should add!

Chart Observations Jan 10

AKRX – gave you a buy the dip opportunity yesterday

BKI – buyable any small dip

CATM – basing above the 50

CMG – in a buy the dip position

DLTR – basing on the 17

ENB – pulled back and safe to buy if it stays above the 17

FTK – Charge!

IBM – pulling back, below the 17 and the 50 wait!

KOG – in a buy the dip position

MA – Possible short term bottom of this pull back

MNST – basing above the 17

SIMO – getting extended, buyable any small dip

TSCO – crossed above the 50, buyable, positive Kahuna

Disclaimer – All discussion is made for education only. At any time any stock may turn into an instant dog, it’s your responsibility to monitor your portfolio. Please do not count on Investors411 to issue a sell order and save your grand kid’s inheritance. At the time of writing I personally have positions in stocks included in Your Stock List 2012.



Event Driven

Combination Option Trades

Investors411, started last year to go over many different kinds of more conservative option trading.

Strategy – What we are looking for is to make a big score over the event. We may make smaller gains/losses +/-50% many times before a big hit. By holding options further out you have less gains, but also a chance to minimize losses.

MOS – We are well past the event (earnings report) There are some of you still hanging in with Jan 21st options.  It was close to break even yesterday if you sold both the call and put.

AA – This was considered and rejected. The correct decision

JPM – Under consideration. Reports Friday before the bell.

NFLX – Almost pulled the trigger on the January 13th option combination Call at $100 for  340 and put at $95 for 250 yesterday. However, it looked like we may be just too late into a volatile rally. Will probably focus on the Jan.25th earnings report.

See comments section for updates on any trades




Longer Term Outlook

3 months+







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