Democratic congressman Jim Clyburn

“Baby Killer”

YOU, in the comment section of the blog, have had a rational debate over the tax implication of the health care bill starting started by John Sovjani and now ending with a NYT article from Ewanapat that shows, in part, who benefits and who pays. The rest of the nation has not.

One Texas Republican congressman screamed “Baby Killer” while a Democrat spoke on the heath care bill. Later he apologized, but this calculated move will bring huge amounts of cash into his campaign for congress. Across the country Death Threats, vandalism, break ins, gas lines cut, and even photos of hang man nooses have been sent to at least 10 Democrat congressmen and women who voted for the health care bill.

Here’s a report from yesterday. From today, where families of Democratic congressmen who supported health care are moving out of their districts because of the death threats. Sarah Palin’s website is painting bulls eye’s on targeted democratic congressmen CBS reports

When Black Democrats like congressmen Jim Clyburn (D – Majority Whip) gets a noose & death threats faxed to him it is exactly what happened to those who dared stand up for civil rights in the 60′s.

No matter what side of the health care debate you are on – if you do nothing you condone the behavior. At least tell a co worker or friend that this kind of tactic is unacceptable.


(part 2)

The USA has lost 2.4 million jobs because of the trade gap with China -Study reported in WSJ. Yesterday, our House Ways and Means Committee, announced it was holding hearings China artificially keeping her currency pegged to the USA’s. Niall Ferguson is a most outstanding source of info on this.

Bottom Line – We need many of those 2.4 million jobs back in the USA, but a trade or economic war with China would be devastating to the world’s economy.

KISS & Stocks (Keep It Simple Stupid)

If you don’t understand a term look in up at dictionary


Index Percentage Volume
Dow -0.48% up
NASDQ -0.68% flat
S&P 500 -0.55% up
Russell 2000 -0.96% -

Investors411 record – 5 years of beating benchmark S&P 500 and almost all major US indexes

Technicals, Fundamentals & Analysis

See PositionsStrategy , and Overview for changes made over weekend.

The US dollar exploded higher breaking out of its trading pattern. The strong inverse correlation between US stocks and the dollar once again took hold pushing US equities lower. Stocks fell in basically higher volume.

What’s happening is that Greece and some other European countries involved in the Common Market have weak currencies and the relative to them the dollar is stronger. These problems have two root causes -

  • The same financial meltdown that hit us is hitting them. Remember, the reckless lending of super banks/shadow banks was a global phenomena. In this case the Greek government aided by Goldman Sachs covered up their debt.
  • Greece and some other European countries have swung too far into socialism – example may can retire at 50 in Greece with almost full benefits. This is the exact opposite of the USA which has swung too far into greed based capitalism.

Expect a rebound as momentum is still clearly with the bulls and the McClellan oscillator turned red (below zero)

Significant Indexes

  • McClellan Oscillator fell to -1.66 yesterday. +60 or above = Overbought -60 or below = oversold. StockCharts has a better version of the McClellan chart ($NYMO) LINK. – Investors411 manta is its much better/safer to buy when stocks are over sold and sell when they are over bought. When the $NYMO is around zero those who can accept more risk can nibble on stocks & ETF’s.
  • US Dollar - Exploded higher +1.34%. Anything over 1.00% is considered a huge move and this move was also a breakout to a new high.


The  Positions Section = latest buys and sells – (Revised positions last weekend) - These are positions I actually own

Our remaining China position FXI (Also EWZ & MOO)

Over the course of the last few months Investors has decreased FXI holdings from a high of almost 25% to the current 5%. China has been an investment mainstay of Investors411 for many years. Unfortunately many imbalances (see yesterday’s Chimerica piece) especially with the US and a over supply of public and retail housing is clouding the future.

This is also true for emerging markets that have been under performing US stock markets.  Technically after years of out performance this was bound to happen regardless of the fundamental problems in China. Our other major foreign investment. Brazil, EWZ is also under performing. Again over many months we have reduced holdings from a high of almost 25% to 5%. Brazil has a presidential election and the economically successful “socialist” president of the last 8 years is not running. Markets hate change.

The overall problem is does China have a soft landing or a hard one?  Yesterday, our House Ways and Means Committee, announced it was holding hearings on  China artificially keeping her currency pegged to the USA’s. Niall Ferguson is a most outstanding source of info on this.

MOO is an agriculture ETF whose growth relies on emerging markets buying US agricultural products and equipment.  Investors has cut this from 10% to 5% position.

Strategy – Bottom Line – Will drop remaining 5% in FXI into a rally.  Investors is building it own market basket of 3D stocks and health care stocks. (see past blog posts) Investing in ETF’s  (example TYH) that do 2 & 3 times what US indexes do when they are oversold.  Also considering YOUR stock list for investments.

Apologies for everyone who just wants to buy and hold forever.  It’s just NOT your parents market. Blame technology.



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