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YOUR New Stock list gains almost +3% on the first day vs. a -0.16% loss for the S&P 500

Sorry abbreviated Investors411 today

Investors411 is gong on a Turkey time break to visit grandchildren and should be back next Tuesday. Meanwhile check out the POSITIONS section of the blog (scroll down) that has 3 recommended portfolios.

The YOUR Stock List is the most aggressive portfolio in the POSITIONS section and today’s results are NOT typical.

However the results of the last two YOUR Stock Lists are somewhat more realistic. Remember we could end up loosing especially if the S&P 500 turns to toast.

  • Our first stock list went up @ +24% from 2/11 to 4/20 vs @ 11% for the S&P.
  • Below is our second list that has gone up @ +26% from 8/4 to 11/5  vs.  @9% for S&P

US Stocks/Positions

Sorry limited time this AM – There’s a lot of “Lions Tigers & Bears Oh MY” (Wizard of Oz) In this case its bad news and scandals. Shadow banks like BAC & GS lost 3+% yesterday. North & South Korea exchanged fire, Ireland who adopted US style casino or “free market” capitalism are all for sale & START treaty in trouble.

Tightening stops on ETF’s. - The same advise given over the last week still holds true for the rest of this week.

Look for Paul R’s always enlightening comments on the market in the comment section of the blog.


PS – Yes Popeye I chuckled – See comments section of blog


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