R. KY Senator Mitch McConnell

Blocking Financial Reform

Republicans are considering blocking even debate on financial reform. Ewanapat thinks I’d like his comment/information/link. He’s wrong I Love it. The 3rd Fed Governor publicly has come out against the “shadow” banks that are too big to fail.

There are a few sensible Republicans (Simon Johnson and his Baseline Senerio best source on this) who are bucking Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (see yesterday’s Investors411) do nothing approach.


Mama Jama has sent in a link to a site that reales 80% of major corporations evade taxes by having offshore accounts etc. How much does this cost you? $637 in MA and small business has to pay their full share.

Tea Party Flops

Only a 1500+ showed up for the supposed “huge” final day of tea party tour on April 15th (Tax Day) in DC yesterday. A few thousand more showed up in Boston the day before but NOT the newly elected  Republican Senator or the Republican running for governor. They called the Obama administration a “gagsta government.”

Remember we many demonstrations of 10,000 20,000 and even larger protesting the Iraq war and other left of center issues all over the country and there was almost no coverage. Yet even on the financial channel CNBC they are headlining the Tea Party protest this AM.  This is

The issue of deficits is real, but the media distortion of the Tea Party is real too.  We live in a world created by media and the thousands of past protest that get over 1500 people in DC never got the kind of coverage that the Tea Party gets. This is media bias or media manipulation.

KISS & Stocks (Keep It Simple Stupid)

If you don’t understand a term look in up at Investopedia.com dictionary


Index Percentage Volume
Dow +0.19% down
NASDQ +0.43% down
S&P 500 +0.08% up
Russell 2000 +0.25% -

Investors411 record – 5 years of beating benchmark S&P 500 and almost all major US indexes

Technicals, Fundamentals & Analysis

See Positions for changes made each weekend

US markets improved a bit on Wednesday’s significant gains in above average volume = Bullish.

Google had  earnings report = an almost 4.71% fall in post market trading = Bearish

BAC (Bank of America) seems to have had blowout earnings numbers this AM up @1.5% = Bullish

Something called a Fibonacci retracement is important in worked of technical analysis. The benchmark S&P 500 is sitting just below a critical 62% retracement from its 2008 high according to analyst on CNBC. This is a strong resistance level. = Bearish

Significant Indexes

  • McClellan Oscillator fell to +8.67 yesterday.  [+60 or above = Overbought = sell. -60 or below = Oversold = buy]. StockCharts has a better version of the McClellan chart ($NYMO)LINK. - This is still in NEUTRAL territory – technically neither overbought or oversold.
  • US Dollar – rose +0.36% yesterday. [Anything over +/- @0.50 is significant.] Mantra – right now The Dollar Rules Remember, dollar down almost always = stocks up. The dollar broke though its 50 Day Moving Average support level and next significant support and yesterday rose to just below resistance (Remember the 50 day MA is called its support on the way down and resistance on the way up).


The  Positions Section = latest buys and sells – (Revised positions last weekend) - These are positions I actually own

I realize the TYH explanation will make some of your eyes glaze over because it is too technical. The best time to buy is when the McClellan is oversold and any trades now (McClellan Oscillator is neutral) is riskier.

TYH – (10%) (3X technology) Up well over 3% since bought. File under - If its not broken don’t fix it Mistake? – In the past Investors 411 sold 1/2 when TYH rose 3% and let the rest ride. Then I put a stop/sell order at what it was bought for or 3% below what it was bought for.  Bottom line here – selling 1/2 into any minor rally.

UWM – (5%) (does 2X small cap stocks) Bought yesterday at 37.57. Stop/loss set at 7% below what it was bought for

EWZ – (10%) (Brazil) Holding on

Monday’s are usually good days and some major tech companies report next week. So expect stocks to drift higher into the close.

Caution – Holding individual stocks into earnings is obviously dangerous – Even giants like INTC (+5%) or GOOG (-5%) can make huge moves. Smaller stocks even greater.



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