Another Day where I’m one with snowblower. Hard to find places to put snow. 8 inches last night and today worse heavy wet snow.


  • See comments section from yesterday for some excellent commentary by bloggers on Egypt. Link here scroll down
  • Consensus view that Al Jazeera has the best live commentary and is ahead of other sources. This revolution/demonstrations is happening throughout Egypt not just in Cairo
  • Seems like Dictator has now organized some counter demonstrators. Outcome of this is still in doubt as a defiant Mubarak spoke last night and made some more cosmetic changes. Democracy advocates want him to step down now. Fights breaking out.
  • This is going to get bloody Mubarak has launched a counter revolution. Mobs of Pro dictator thugs with knives rocks etc. are attacking Pro democracy forces that will provoke violence could will cause the army to clear the street.


  • Big rally in moderately higher volume. This volume is down form the same time last year. Both the DOW & the S&P 500 broke out to new highs and broke significant psychological resistance levels. (Dow 12,000 and S&P 1300)
  • Fed POMO manipulations are pretty much universally recognized now as manipulating stocks higher.
  • Snow has an impact on markets if it keeps major brokers and traders away today and this gives Fed even more influence.
  • McClellan Oscillator (MO) rose to +25.94 Remember +60 is a rough guide for over bought. You can also analyze this chart like a stock. So we still have wiggle room for more of an upside move.
  • The Dollar is dropping like an anchor down a significant -0.86%  The dollar market is far bigger than stocks and has a ways to go before reaching support (looks like about $$1.25 lower to support level)
  • Wall Street news this AM from Rachel Granby
  • Violence in Egypt could hurt stocks

We have room to run higher with the Fed POMO program as the usual catalyst.

The ETF bought early yesterday were UWM, REMX, CDB. Will take profits at over 5+% on 1/2 UWM. See comments section for more

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