Fighting Crony Capitalism

Take the crony out of CapitalismNYT’s Nicholas Kristof’s excellent defense of Occupy Wall Street


Boycott BOA

10 Reasons NOT to Bank with the mother of all Bankstas

Bank of America.

From Nomi Prins at Truthout. Of all the ways  (hidden fees, lawsuits, nailing vets, over charges, pay’s no taxes) BOA charges vs other local banks I find reason # 6 the most compelling. They use your deposit to gamble hidden over leveraged derivatives.

“The total amount of derivatives in the FDIC-insured portion of B of A as of mid-year was $53.7 trillion, up 10 percent from $48.9 trillion the prior year, and up nearly 35 percent from its pre-fall [2008] crisis level of $40 trillion.”

Your over leveraged FDIC insured deposits at BOA  multiplied the severity of the 2008 housing/financial crisis. Who knows how deep BOA and other banksters (shadow banks) were into the European sovereign debt crisis? – Our Fed is not audited, US banks don’t have mark to market accounting, and the whole 500 trillion derivitives market hides its trades.


Bankstas Take A Hit In Europe

Yes, over leveraged European financials did get a $1.4 trillion bailout fund. But they were also forced to take a “50% haircut”on the Greek bonds the held. How much of this haircut that will come out of their bottom line is open for debate. (See links in yesterday’s blog)

Bankers and Bankstas - There are normal Bankers who take our deposits and use them as collateral for loans that help people and small businesses. The good guys.

Bankstas take our FDIC insured deposits and use them  as protection to play casino capitalism, on bundles of mortgages, sovereign debt, student loans etc., called derivatives  or Credit Default Swaps.

This over leveraging is done in hidden transaction in an opaque $500 trillion derivatives market. The biggest poorly regulated bankstas are now too big to fail – Example BOA.



From Yesterday - Today’s move higher should be Dramatic Not Erratic. US stock indexes saw a significant move higher (3.18% to 5.26%) in big volume , but European stocks saw an even bigger move. ETF’s that track France and Germany up 8+% (see positions below)

A better than expected 2.5% US GDP for the last 1/4 is another solid fundamental for bulls.
A contrarian view to Investors411 – Time to Fade the Rally


Reading Tea Leaves

  • Our secondary indicator, the Put Call Ratio is at 0.91. Well below its 50DMA which is at 1.15 = Bullish
  • For more on MO & PCR see POSITION Section of blog (scroll down)

Stock traders/investors put their money down yesterday -  The proposed solution in Europe looks like it will have a somewhat similar impact on stocks that the  of 2009/2010 Obama/Bernanke bailouts did. In fact, traders/investors have been putting their money down since the lows almost a month ago.

It is rational to expect some kind of pull back today. But, there are lots on the sidelines who have missed out on the move looking to buy the dip. Volume was big yesterday, but not yet the huge kind of volume associated with a climax selloff.

Unfortunately, the bigger part of this move off the bottom is probably over, but it looks like we may be able to reach this year’s highs again.



SPY(ETF tracks S&P 500 or SPX) bought at 123.5, now at 128.63

Reminder – Your Stock List#5 – . 5 of our 14 stocks took  some big earnings hits (one on an analysts downgrade) So Paul & I have decided to drop TSU, RES, CROX, GMCR, & CPHD. . LINK to entire list (scroll down)

Under consideration.

SSO (ETF that is @2X SPX) Buy on dip. Investors411 uses a buy the dip strategy in markets that are trending higher.

EWG (ETF that tracks Germany) and/or EWQ (ETF that tracks France) Both are higher risk because they are on the cutting edge of what’s happening. A bigger technical breakout than US indexes. Yesterdays melt up was fundamentally focused on the fact that specifically German and French financial institution would weather the default crisis.

I favor Germany – better overall economic fundamentals. Buy the dip.

XLF (ETF for financial stocks) For those that can handle more risk UYG (2X financials) & FAS (3x financials) Several Investors411 bloggers have made out handsomely with gains of 50+% trading January Calls on FAS.

Mea CulpaAll of the above new considerations should have been listed Monday after the Upgrade.

Note – These are official Investors411 Positions – I buy each position mentioned.


Long Term Outlook

3 to 6+ months

Investors411 upgraded its Outlook on Monday to CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH. Reasoning

  • Technically, we broke out of this summers trading pattern. The resistance and now support level for benchmark S&P 500 is @ 1225.
  • Fundamentally, the perception that European banks will survive (see Banksta at War) another over leveraged crisis
  • A 2.5% GDP Growth in the third quarter is NOT a recession number.


Investors411 has 5 different valuations - BULLISH, CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH, NEUTRAL, CAUTIOUSLY BEARISH, and BEARISH.

* Everything written in BROWN is a repeat from a previous day(s)




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