Holocaust denier Ahmadinejan and the militants have launched a Coup and stolen the elections in Iran. Widespread protests and violence

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An injured supporter of Mir Hossein Mousavi covers his face ...

The elections in Iran were a fraud and the militants are using the elections as cover for a coup.

The following sources are much more complete than anything I could say.

  1. Professor Cole (Informed Comment Blog) is an expert in this field and outlined top 6 reasons elections were stolen on Saturday post. In his Sunday post he concludes/believes we’ve ” been had by a hard line constituency of at most 20% of the country, who claim to be the only true heirs of the Iranian revolution, and who control which ballots see the light of day.
  2. Laura Secor’s (experienced inside Iran reporter from within country) editorial “Iran’s Stolen Elections” in the New Yorker
  3. Gary Sick – Mid East expert and served under 3 presidents on US National Security Council – In Talking Points Memo blog – editorial - “Iran’s Political Coup.”
  4. Nate Silver – Perhaps the best poll analyst out there runs the ultra respected FiveThirtyEight polling blog. His editorial headline “Rigged Iranian Election is Flawed.”

Beyond the violence, foreign reporters have been asked to leave, internet cut, cell phone cut, opposition figures arrested and more.

As Jaun Cole points out the standard procedure in an Iran election was supposed to be a three day wait to investigate claims of fraud before the Supreme (religious) leader proclaimed victory. Instead results were immediately authorized.


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