Egypt Death Toll

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“Tunisia Tsunami”

What started in Tunisia as a revolution of oppressed people against their cruel dictator is spreading throughout the Arab world. Egypt is the epicenter of a freedom, bread and jobs revolution.

A cruel inhumane American back dictator in Egypt, Mubarak, like the cruel inhumane dictator in Iran, Ahmadinejad, is trying to crush the people’s revolution.

This is a Berlin Wall falling moment for the Arab world and a huge potential danger for the USA and the rest of the world. Why?

  • The USA has NO energy policy that will rid us of our dependence of on foreign oil and these secular  revolutions (also brewing in dictator controlled in Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Jordan and probably other countries) are in the geographic center  of the world’s largest supply of  oil.
  • The US government down to the level of producing the tear gas canisters used against those seeking freedom  demonstrates supports the Egyptian dictator.  A clear unambiguous moral choice between a dictator and freedom has emerged. Does the USA stay with the dictator or back freedom?
  • The danger is apparent for the rest of the dictators though out the world. Advances in technology are increasing awareness of the huge gap between the ruling oligarchies and suffering jobless populations.

For the USA this is another turning point in history similar to our Iraq invasion. We let our fears control our actions then, remember “Saddam  was behind 911″ and “Iraq had WMD’s.”

The USA because of our fear based political structure, can again let fear overcome reality.  If the supposed freedom loving democracies of the world do NOT stand by the people of Egypt, they and others like them will turn to the radical Islamic fundamentalists who do back their cause.

Revolutions are chaotic. Mubarak must go. This will create a vacuum and it’s hard to predict what will happen. But if we stick with our love for democracy, freedom and justice over our fears, those enlightened ideals will triumph in the end.



Obviously, the chaos in Egypt has and will impact stocks.

Friday AM in the comments section of the blog I wrote –  ”Egypt’s riots are having very negative impact on world stock markets. I’ve been stopped out of all long positions. Better safe than sorry.

Stocks tank where there is uncertainty and chaos.

Monday could see a big dip at the open. Compounding this is that almost every technical analysts thinks after 9 straight weeks of gains for the DOW (8 of 9) for other indexes we are over bought.

Fear is far stronger then greed. So volume increased significantly Friday. This overwhelmed the Fed’s POMO stock market manipulations that will continue at least through June.

What will probably do well if Egypt crisis continues or spreads..

  • ETF’s that short the market.(see POSITIONS Section of blog)
  • Gold – GLD &
  • USO (oil ETF) and UCO (2x oil)

Once volume is reduced then the Fed POMO should again impact stocks.

Bottom Line – It’s time to bring out the Old Lost in Space Robot and say Danger Will Robinson Danger Danger.



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