George Norboe’s

American Nightmare -



Each year since 2008 millions of US homes have been foreclosed on. Last October saw a 7% rise. In that month alone there were 230,678 home foreclosed on in America. That’s 1 out of 560 homes in a month.

29% of homes in the USA are underwater – Their mortgages are worth more than their homes.

Stories of illegal evictions abound from  5000 veterans to fellow artist George Norboe nightmare on his CT home.

Few Americans Care


George’s Story in his Own words

“I’m looking for some opinions…

Here’s my story (as short as possible).

I’m an artist and I make my living at shows like some of you.

Approximately, two years ago, my home went into foreclosure. Several months into it the foreclosure process was put on hold because I was able to show a reasonable amount of equity on this lakefront home.

The court felt I was entitled to try to sell the home and benefit from the equity. I built this home with my own hands.  Every board and nail. I entered a mediation process and applied for some Obama programs. I did not qualify and the foreclosure process is still on hold….  Here’s why. This is the good part.

Approx. 18 months into this, someone at this very large bank decided that I abandoned my home. I still lived there. On three occasions they sent sub-contractors to break into my house. On the third occasion they took tools, clothes and a generator.

The first two times the bank admitted wrong doing and said it wouldn’t happen again. Two thieves were arrested for burglary, 3rd larceny, 4th criminal mischief,  2nd…

It turns out that my home had been illegally entered at least seven times. Everything I own had been photographed. The foreclosure is still on hold and the bank never got a court order allowing them to enter my home. There is over $3,000 damage to the doors. I will be suing the bank on a civil level.

However, I want to hold the bank accountable criminally. ( since no-one else ever does). They think they are above the law.  How do I go about this?? Maybe Elizabeth Warren has a thought on this.”

George Norboe

(You can read George’s original comment and replies in yesterday’s comments section -scroll down)


If this is what a bank can do to George, Think what they can do to you.

Is The Occupy Wall Street refrain right?

“Banks got bailed out

We got sold out”


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