The Vampire Bankstas


In Vegas you need to have actual money to gamble – your own money – You win lose or draw.

What Banksta greed has done since  deregulation  was…

  • take YOUR money, and gamble with it
  • with NO requirement or significant risk to their money
  • and over leverage themselves on opaque derivative/credit default swaps markets

You’ve seen the consequences and now its time for…

The Bankstas Cover Up


Back before banks were deregulated, a special group of banks that met our Central Bank’s requirements were given special legal privileges and access to taxpayer money.

They could borrow money from the Fed for almost nothing and then lend it right back to the Fed at a higher interest rate – say 3%.

This actually helped money flow through the system.

But after the 2008 meltdown and the banks got soooooooo over leveraged they needed truck loads of money to cover old losses and new (think European debt) So Central banks printed and printed and printed money and loaned it out to their member banks.

How much money was printed for Bankstas?

The Fed (our central bank) balance sheet on 2/22 stood at $2,917,435,000,000 &

the ECB (Europes Central Bank) balance sheet stood at $3,550,000,000,000 on 1/1/12


to keep their too big to fail

unregulated Casino open

Tomorrow – Solutions.

Much of this 6 part series was inspired by Dylan Ratigan’s book Greedy Bastards.

Link to Chart/Timeline of Banksta Takeover






Wall Street Bull & OWS Symbol

We’re still in the CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH sweet spot, but there are dark clouds on the horizon.

  • Sweet Spot Mantra - “INVESTORS411 has not changed its long term outlook, because this is a manipulated market. Our Central bank  has backed American banks since 2009 and the European Central Banks is now backing their Banks in the same way – by basically printing money and holding interest rates near zero.”
  • Therefore - “Anyone who wants a return on their $ greater than near 0% is pushed into assets that the ECB and Fed is manipulating higher. Our economy either gets better or the Fed has our back”

The Dark Clouds/Oil Prices

This is now one obvious call that Investors411 first warned about on 1/6/12 and 1/17/12

Suggested ETFs for oil – USO (1 x oil prices) & UCO (2 x oil prices)

If you bought UCO on Jan. 17th you are now up


The primary fear behind this rise in oil prices is the threat of war between Israel and Iran.

Intrade, now puts the possibility of an overt air strike against by US or Iran by Dec 2012 at 42.5%.

  • This is political season and fear mongering is what the far right does best.
  • The current PM of Israel is extremely right wing and visits USA on March 5th.
  • Yes this is exactly what happened in Iraq.

Obama – on oil prices

Oil prices have gone up 9 days in a row and 12 of the last 13 days. By most all accounts overbought territory.

However, if you have lots of long positions, you should still think about some protection or taking some profits.


  • Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator (MO) is at -6.88. 50 Day Moving Average at +20.20 (for more see  STRATEGY link at top of blog and scroll down) Lots of wiggle room for bears and bulls = NEUTRAL

  • The European canary in a coal mine is chirping. But focus is going to be drawn more on Israel/Iran because of the Israel PM visit and politics.
  • Italian 10 year bond yield at 5.45% (8:30 EST) - No where near the danger zone of 7.0% of almost a month ago.




Paul’s Corner

SIMO is being dropped from Your Stock List due to chart action.  The Semi Group has been doing well but SIMO broke down and hasn’t been following the group. It’s a maker of flash drives and will be watched for possible adding back to the list.

SWI is being moved from the Watchers section up to the Traders section.  SolarWinds, Inc. designs, develops, markets, sells, and supports enterprise information technology (IT) infrastructure management software to IT professionals. SWI and old member of a previous list is showing good chart action and may give us a good run.

Kudos to Ian Woodward!

You have heard me speak often about the HGS Investors group and Ian Woodward in particular. Ian is an inspiration to all that are lucky enough to come into contact with him. John Bollinger, the creator of the Bollinger bands concept, had some kind words for Ian when he was interviewed in the upcoming March issue of “Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities”. Here is what Bollinger says in part:

“A little more than two years ago, I had the pleasure of spending time with Ian Woodward, who has been doing some interesting things with Bollinger Bands.  It was an inspiring time for me.”

“Ian Woodward is an amazing guy….A couple of years back, a mutual friend arranged for Ian to drop by and show me the work he was doing, and I was very impressed.  Here was a man nearly XXX years old (true age redacted!!!) with more ideas and energy than most people half his age.  He has taken input from William O’Neil, Richard Arms and me and crafted an approach to investing that seeks to identify and participate in high-growth stocks.  He gives three day seminars twice a year that are jam-packed with interesting ideas.   I even had one of the guys who works for me attend.  I think that in the fullness of time he’ll be known as one of the great analysts.”

Ian’s next work shop is in a month if you are serious about investing you should attend!


European Markets are down, our futures are down, have we seen the top? Be careful!



Longer Term Outlook

3 months+








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