The Tip of the Iceberg



There are two types of Capitalists


Those who make a great product or service that befits the economy and the country. This is the American dream and we admire the wealth they create

Then there’s the vampire capitalists or “Greedy Bastards” (Dylan Ratigan term) who rig the game so that they can steal from all Americans.


Rewards go NOT to those who compete the Best

But to The Vampire Capitalists who Cheat The Best



Last Weeks GE story was the

Tiny Tip of the Iceberg.

Imagine this – For years your done your due diligence and shopped around. Now you buy from one hypothetical GE store. You have just found out that that one store has been for years overcharging  YOU. That store has no integrity.

The Vampire capitalists know it , but the American Sheep just chew grass


GE before its Army of lobbyists and layers used to pay, say 20% taxes, on the items you bought. Now they get a $3,200,000,000 tax credit for 2010, so they charge less of a price.

How does this impact you?

  • The tax revenue GE used to give to the government – to reduce the deficit, protect our troops, fund social security, etc no longer exists. You, the sheep/taxpayer, have to make up the difference
  • GE, of course, (a systemic problem in the USA) fires American tax paying American workers and hires more foreign workers . This again adds to the deficit, and strips funding from everything from education to protecting our troops.
  • It gives the vampires a massive advantage over small companies who don’t own both parties.

GE is far from the most vicious capitalist vampires or greedy bastards out there. It’s certainly not the lead vampire.

(Future Editorials)

The difference between the vampire capitalists who “legally” cheat and you is the army of lobbyists and lawyers who have bought both parties.  They make the laws that give  an oligarchy all the loopholes.

They privatize the Gains and socialize the losses to YOU

The difference between the vampire capitalists and you is you have almost no power to change the tax code, trade agreements, or other methods the vampires or greedy bastards are using to strip what used to be the American Dream.






Wall Street Bull and OWS Symbol


Short Term Outlook

NB - Please note, if you follow other sites that Investors411 has remained unequivocally




  • Relatively large rally, in moderately advanced volume on the unexpectedly good jobless report  = Bullish. Today is the confirmation day of Monday’s rally,
  • Repeat from Last Week-” A lot of 2012 has to do with politics. Do we keep the Bernanke/Obama team that has almost doubled the S&P 500 and created a slow, but steady stock and economic growth.
  • The POSITIONS page does not yet reflect the 2012 Outlook. The good part of the 2012 forecast was outlined 1/21, the Bad 1.23 and the Ugly is American politics.

  • Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator (MO) rose to +57.12 . 50DMA at +13.17 (for more see  STRATEGY link at top of blog)  Short term = neutral/BEARISH
  • From Friday – The MO can be read like any chart (see  above link) This is the 6th time in 6 weeks the MO has approached +60. It failed the other 5 times. That’s one very very strong resistance level.
  • The leading NASDQ (If you are trading an index this is the one I’d hold) Is way over extended from its 50 Day Moving Average. It would be healthy for some sort of pullback at this point.
  • Combination Option Trades - IR is under consideration this week. Reports 7:00 AM EST on 2/8 . Long term COT considerations WLT (Takeover rumors) MCP (can move a lot based on rumors and news) and USO (based on potential Iran problems and other factors)




Paul’s Corner


Traders, Watchers, Dumpsters!

I hope some of you folks took time to read Ian Woodward’s blog this weekend and to watch Ron Brown’s weekend market report. They both caution the market is extended but also suggest an extended market can go on for a long time. Be sure to check your charts and the market and be ready if necessary to protect your profits.

To add a little order to Your Stock List 2012, we are dividing Your Stock List into three sections.

Traders – stocks that can be traded market conditions permitting. Note, no guarantees are suggested that you will make a dime trading any stock which is listed here.

Watchers – Stocks that have been removed from Traders due to chart action etc. New stocks that haven’t been added to your Stock List may appear here. Once chart/market actions dictate, stocks that are parked here may be moved back into a trading position or tossed into the dumpster.

Dumpsters – the place where lowly, rotten, or  out of favor stocks are placed. If a stock is placed here and you still own it, no suggestion is made that you should sell that loser. (Wink)


AKRX – continues it’s nice ride up the 17. Buyable on any minor dip, reports Feb 28 BMO 02/03/2012 (MidnightTrader) — Shares of Akorn, Inc. (AKRX) are up 3.5% following an upgrade of the company’s stock to Outperform from Neutral by analysts at Zacks Investment Research.

CMG – nice snap back Friday after it’s earnings report Thursday, was a great buy the dip opportunity. Visited a Chipotle store Saturday, they sure know how to remove $20 dollar bills in a hurry.  Riding up the 9 dma.

DLTR – good chart action, buyable with any dip, reports Feb 22

ENB – good chart action after it’s recent dip through the 50.  Extended, unknown earnings date

FAST – enjoying great chart action along with the home builders, extended, buyable in a dip

IBM – At the top of it’s current trading range

KLAC  – good chart action, riding up the 9 dma.

LEN – nice break out Friday, above the 17, slightly extended

MA – crossed up through the 50 dma 2 days ago

MNST – looks to be starting a short basing period, above the 17 and buyable with any small dip

RYL – enjoying the home building move, great chart action Friday, above the 17 and the 9

SIMO – Reported Friday with great results, but suffered a 5 point move during the day, finished in the upper third of the daily candle, which is good. Until the chart proves direction, caution is suggested.

TSCO – Reported Thursday and handily beat estimates but lowered guidance for 2012. Sitting on the 17 and the chart is basing.


BKI – pulled back after recent earnings report. Sitting on the 50

CATM – rough day last Friday after earnings report. Below the 50, needs to cross up through the 50 before a buy

FTK – pulled back with the natural gas stocks, below the 17, above the 50

KOG – Below the 50, all HGSI indicators red, almost ready for the big green dumpster


The Patriots

On a sad note, I’m sorry to advise, the Craft Community lost another great artist. Fred Odell died Feb 1. Fred was a blacksmith and member of the Pennsylvania Guild Of Craftsmen. He was a gentle soul and lived as an example of how we should live.

As always please make your own trading decisions. All comments above are based on chart action and if you think I can read the charts, I have a bridge I can get you a great deal on.!





Longer Term Outlook

3 months+








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