Who Owns

Rush Limbaugh?


Mitt Romney???



Carbonite CEO –

“Limbaugh overstepped any bounds bounds of decency”


After 3 days of smearing a pro contraception Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke with diatribes and labels like “slut” and “prostitute…”

seven different sponsors suspended or eliminated backing for Limbaugh’s show.

Limbaugh, of course isn’t the only one in hate radio that slanders and and plays on the emotions. Remember the “hate radio” controversy surrounding the shooting of congresswomen Gabby Giffords and the slaughter of 6 innocent people?

We desperately need to do something about the vitriolic rhetoric that is being used to tear this nation apart.

Some major media outlets like NBC & CBS have suspended radio hosts for their “overstepping any bounds of decency” from racial slurs, to libelous  accusations, to attacks against women no matter what side of the political spectrum they were on.

But their is one company Clear Channel Communications that broadcasts Rush Limbaugh, the highest rated radio show, and so many more like him – Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage  etc. – that refuses to act.

Back in 2006

Bain Capital and a partner

Bought out Clear Channel

Romney At Bain

  • Bain, of course, is the firm Mitt Romney used to run.
  • Bain gives Romney millions each year as part of his golden parachute
  • Bain executives are million dollar donors to his campaign.
  • Since 2006 Bain, Romney’s Firm, has been a silent owner of the largest “hate radio” network in America.

Romney called what Limbaugh did “inappropriate.” Inappropriate is a term you use when you eat steak with your salad folk.

Obviously, Romney does not own Limbaugh’s show, but their are some clear connections

Imagine someone slandering your partner, daughter, grand daughter, on the biggest radio show in the nation with the words like “slut” and “prostitute” until sponsors dropped the show. Limbaugh issued a weak apology in writing on his blog.


Do you think Romney’s Bain capital

should suspend Limbaugh?


Investors411 readers now have the hidden story


Romney’s former company, Bain with a partner

is running the largest hate radio network

in America.


PS – Kudos to Popeye & CDB and many who took action against against Limbaugh. (see comments section of blog)






Wall Street Bull & OWS Symbol


Insight into How Investors411 evaluates stocks, markets and trends can be found in the STRATEGY Section of the blog.

  • Major Piece of BAD News this AM – China cuts GDP forecast from 8.0 to 7.5  Story
  • Monthly employment report will be a key metric this week.
  • Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator (MO) is at -37.65. 50 Day Moving Average at @+21 (for more see  STRATEGY link at top of blog and scroll down) Close to oversold territory = NEUTRAL
  • If you look just at the chat pattern of the MO it is clearly bearish

  • Italian 10 year bond yield almost flat today at 4.91% (8:00 AM EST) Well below the 7.00% Danger Zone.

Bottom LineThe news of the cut in China’s GDP is trouble, but not entirely unexpected. The dollar’s reversal (moving higher) could be the start of a negative trend for stocks. So now besides higher oil prices due to Iran war mongering, two other dark clouds have emerged.

We are starting to get some across markets and fundamental negative signals, yet the Central Banks pouring liquidity into the USA and Europe has trumped these moves in the past.

So we note the clouds, but still go with the trend.



Paul’s Corner

The Dow is 13,000, the Nasdaq is almost 3,000 the S&P 500 1400, and all is well with the market? Looks that way but if you look at the numbers, the indexes are being carried by the big cap stocks like AAPL and the small cap growth stocks are headed to the woodshed.

One of the ways I look at the health of the market is to see how many stocks in the S&P 1500 are above and below the middle of their Bollinger Band. When the market is healthy and in a good bull run we usually see 80%  of the 1500 above the middle of the Bollinger Band or “>0.5” and obviously 20% below “<0.5”.

During January when the market was moving we had many days with the ratio 80:20.  During February this ratio started to turn over and this past week we finished with a 37:64 ratio, which means 64% of the stocks in the S&P 1500 are below the middle of the Bollinger Band. This suggests a deteriorating market.

So if the numbers are so bad, why are the averages so good? Well if we look at the Nasdaq 100, the big cap fellers like AAPL, the current %B ratio is currently 60:40. This shows 60% of the stocks in the Nasdaq 100 above the middle of the BB and they are holding the indexes up.

Another place to peek, let’s look at the Russell 2000, the small cap stocks. As of Fridays close the RUT had a ratio of 22:78, that’s right 78% or 1560 of the stocks in the index of 2000 were below 0.5 or middle of their Bollinger Band.

Well it looks like the “money” is flowing into the big caps and out of the small caps. If all of the money is flowing into the big caps, when will the “supply” of money run out and the big boys head for the hills? That’s the big question and I sure don’t know, perhaps Barr knows? JS do you know? [great question - editor]

My good friend Ian Woodward put up a great blog Saturday evening  where he looks at the market and suggests we are walking on pins and needles.

Take a look: LINK

Ian goes into great detail as to what he sees in the market and has a good chart showing how the %B of the S&P 1500 has decayed. Lot’s of mumbo jumbo, but it’s all good stuff as they say.

Jeffrey Scott an HGSI user is hosting an online webinar this Wednesday evening. It looks like we will be discussing short candidates. Join in, it’s a free webinar and Jeff always does a great job.

Registration Web Link: LINK

Oh, one last item, Your Stock List as of Friday had a ratio of 63:38, that’s pretty good!



Longer Term Outlook

3 months+








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