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Investors 411 primary focus is investments and trends that impact your life. If our site helps you or you profit from our advice we urge you to make a donation to your favorite charity.

Our favorite cause is

First Descents

Change a life

FD is a group that helps individuals going though cancer treatments in a unique way.

If you know someone who has been diagnosed with Cancer or undergoing chemo/radiation you all know how fearful and depressing this can be. Cancer teaches you about death and First Descents teaches cancer patients how to live again.

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Definitions – if you do not understand a term use Investopedia’s dictionary This gives you a decent definition of most terms

Technical analysis - ( basically chart patterns) see the tutorial at StockCharts.com Investors411 uses Stockcharts because it is the best FREE technical analysis site out there.

Fundamental analysis – is trying to estimate the value of a stock  by using related economics .  Investors411 is focused on certain mega trends and therefore focuses not only on stocks but on larger entities – like sectors, and countries to invest in. Politics, economics and news all impact these trends/sectors/countries

“Danger Will Robinson Danger Danger” - A signal used to mark a significant change in a trend. This is also has been the sign that there may be some impending major market shift to the downside in equities and you may need to protect any long position.  It is usually carried in the headline.

Exchange Traded FundsETF ‘s as a primary investment tool. Definition of ETF from investopedia. Reasons for using ETF’s:

  1. ETF are large market baskets of stocks and not as easily manipulated as less liquid smaller stocks or entities. Even CNBC’s Jim Cramer brags about when he manipulated stocks for his hedge fund.
  2. ETF’s, almost always cost less than mutual funds and have no hidden fees.
  3. ETF’s are traded like stocks and you do not have to wait till the end of the day for the trade to be processed.
  4. It is easier to track major economic trends using ETF . (example -the ETF – EWZ/Brazil benefits from major trends of globalization, peak oil & spreading the wealth.

Also ETN’s are used.

Resource for ETF’s -MSN Money has 821 ETF’s listed according to performance 1,4,13 weeks 1, 3 5, years on a 20 minute delay for daily prices. LINK



Join in the Action


Standing Together

Perhaps the best reason Investors411 thrives is because of the interaction between its members. 411 has a clear bias, but is open to everyone to profit.

Investments, trends, politics, and even humor are topics discussed in the bog.

You can find some investment gem’s both in the blog and the comments section.  Followers made 180% on one GMCR hedge trade. Link to Nov 9th Nov. 10th & Nov. 11th blog and scroll down. Investors usually focuses on more conservative investments but occasionally takes risk.

Check out our 7th “YOUR Stock List” in the POSITION Section of Blog. 6 of 7 YSL’s have beat the S&P 500. All the YSL’s were put together with the help of Investors411 contributors.

How to join in.


  1. To make a comment - Click on SUBSCRIBE TO RSS (top right of blog) You will see a list with title and short summary of the last two weeks of blogs. Click on title and up will come that day’s blog and the comments associated with it. Scroll down for comments section.
  2. To Subscribe – Click on SUBSCRIBE TO RSS – follow directions.
  3. Private Mail List – This list is sent to friends and interested parties. It often contains advanced information. Contact editor.


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Investors411, formerly Market Updates, was created in 2002 to help my 4 kids with investing.  They shared it with their friends and I with mine and so it grew.

I’m a sculptor, and sending 4 kids through college required that I supplement my income through investing. So I became involved with investing almost 40 years ago. I currently manage a handful of accounts and the investment accounts of a major non profit. I’ve also a background in politics and have been a paid political consultant & a minor elected official for past 20+ years. Brookline MA is home base. Also, obviously happy with a beach.

Barr Jozwicki – Contact at


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