Palin’s New Job

Sarah Palin suddenly quit her Alaska Governor’s job yesterday  and some people are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  The "Quitter on Twitter" Palin news  is spreading quicker than the tweets from Iran and even rivals the Michel Jackson news. America has long since become a celebrity driven culture rather than one interested in substance and reality.

She didn’t quit the Governor’s job when she ran for VP.  Alaska was flush with $140 a barrel oil revenues then and she was the state’s most popular poll. Now the states problems are growing with oil at $70 a barrel and her judgement was being questioned. Palin’s popularity was fading both in Alaska and even with Republicans.  The latest fiasco was in Vanity Fair (here ) where fellow Republicans were playing whack a mole with her run for VP.

We are damn lucky this lady is not a heartbeat away from the presidency because the kitchen gets a whole lot hotter in the White House.  Palin is getting out of the Alaskan furnace because it’s a no win situation. The supposed "fighter" leaves the state in the middle of the biggest economic crisis since the great depression, declining personal popularity. and falling oil revenues that make up a huge chunk of the states budget.

FOX news’s anchor started out describing Palin’s resignation in the reality of Harry Truman’s famous statement "if you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen." But FOX soon changed its tune to this could be a "brilliant" move.

The best read of the tea leaves is that there will soon be a multi-million dollar contract with Rupert Murdoch and FOX news (plus a book deal). How about her own show? FOX quickly realized  that you don’t want to play wake a mole with their future network mega star.  At very least, she will be all over the ultra right wing FOX channel in paid interviews

Politics is about money and power.   Yes she’s cut an run from Alaska as its economy crumbles, but as she stated "only dead fish go with the flow"(text of resignation here) Sarah Palin has charisma and now a shot at a lot more money, power and celebrity status.

Happy 4th!


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