Most recent Time magazine cover…

labels the years from 2000 to 2010 as the Decade From Hell.

Let’s look at some Solutions or at least places to find the answers.

One aspect that Time does not talk about is the frightening similarity that some historians are already pointing out between the USA today and Germany of the 1920s & 1930s. Both had the world’s best universities and financial structures at the time yet Germany’s over leveraged and corrupt system collapsed leading to the rise of a mad man – Hitler.  Surely and hopefully this is not the course we are embarked on.

However, we too have a huge amount of people (voting citizens) who are Mad as Hell.  Yes, they would throw a pie in the face of anyone associated with Goldman Sachs. They Scream, Yell, Point their fingers and grab hold of any celebrity who will give them instant gratification or fuels their anger. But what do they understand beyond the slogan or rant?

Recently in the comments section of the blog YOU have pointed out just how angry yet uninformed the vast majority of Americans are about the financial crisis. The recent events in Dubai (see Friday’s update) is more than just an aftershock of our fiscal earthquake. But a reminder that bigger quakes are on the way unless some serious changes are made.

Bloomberg’s Financial channel recently landed one of America’s most gifted  and insightful interviewers. - Charlie Rose .  But they have gone well beyond just interviews in seeking solutions.  About twice a month they produce an old Oxford style debate called The Intelligence Squared Debates. The latest in this series is Obama’s Economic Policies, Are They Working Effectively? LINK (Click on Audio/Video in light gray)

Another program on Bloomberg -  Confronting The Crisis. The latest is a series of reporters who dug out the dirt and have asked the right questions.  NYT’s Sorkin , Harvard’s Ferguson , WSJ, NYT and VF’s  Burroughs , & Vanity Fair’s McLean LINK


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