Last Night In Iowa…


There was an Election


All the sheep, ready to get fleeced, were breathlessly watching network media for the results and the same old analysts spin

The Rolling Stone’s  Matt Taibbi found

The Real News Yesterday…


Came From Montana

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You can spend your life following the herd of  sheep,  but maybe reality is something different?

What happened in Montana?

Click on the Montana Mountain







Wall Street Bull and OWS Symbol

  • Europe, again  lead Wall Street bulls by their nose rings to a rally yesterday. To find out how Europe will move US markets today See overnight data below.
  • Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator (MO) rose to +46.65 . 50DMA at +3.65 A wee bit of bearishness (for more see  STRATEGY link at top of blog)NEUTRAL/bearish
  • Major news impacting everything oil related is the tougher sanctions imposed by US on Iran. Iran’s currency fell a massive 12%. Their Central Bank intervened and pushed the currency up 20%. This is major trade war that has consequences.

Overnight Data From Europe

Germany’s DAX

Italian 10 year bond




Paul’s Corner

Your Stock List 2012


Your Stock List has been a great exercise the past few years. It has produced some great winning stocks and toasted the S&P 500 quite a few times.  As we all know 2011 was a nasty year to try to make a profit in the market. Between the US Congress and the continuing melt down over in Euroland it was tough to make an investment or a swing trade for more than a few days.

Barr and I are always in discussion how to improve the list and make it more responsive to market conditions.  Rather than working with a stagnant list, we are going to change to an open or revolving list. This will enable us to quickly drop a stock that should be sold for technical or fundamental changes and be quickly replaced with a stock that is rotating into a good buy position.

The following stocks are remaining from last year’s list. These stocks could be still bought, held, or traded as you see fit.


Please refer to Paul’s Corner from 12/28 for recent evaluation of these stocks.


We are going to try to follow group and sector rotation a bit closer this year and add or drop stocks that are suitable. The oil service stocks, drillers, pipelines etc. continue to be doing well. Two stocks in this sector are being added to Your Stock List 2012.

ENB – Enbridge Inc. engages in the transportation and distribution of crude oil and natural gas primarily in Canada and the United States. Its Liquids Pipelines segment operates common carrier and contract crude oil, natural gas liquids (NGLs), and refined products pipelines and terminals.

ENB has recently broken out of a two month base and not over extended. It is buyable with any small dip.

KOG – Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. engages in the acquisition, exploration, exploitation, development, and production of natural gas and crude oil in the United States. The company’s oil and natural gas reserves and operations are primarily concentrated in the Williston Basin of North Dakota and Montana, and  the Green River Basin of Wyoming and Colorado.

KOG has been on a nice lower left upper right (LLUR) climb since October. It is extended from the 200 dma but enjoys riding up the 17 dma.  Refer to the “Buy The Dip PDF” for buy opportunities.

Buy The Dip Link:

Your Stock List has been a success because of your participation with suggestions for the list. We will continue to ask for your stock suggestions.  We want to encourage you folks to suggest additions as you find them rather than when we change the list. If you stumble onto a great new stock, fire off an email to Barr at any time and we will check it out.

Any new stock suggestions? What about BKI, should we add it to Your Stock List 2012?

Disclaimer – all discussion is made for education only. At any time any stock may turn into an instant dog, it’s your responsibility to monitor your portfolio. Please do not count on Investors411 to issue a sell order and save your grand kid’s inheritance. At the time of writing I personally have positions in stocks included in Your Stock List 2012.



Combination Option Trade

Investors411 is encouraging another Put /Call Hedge or comnination Trade in Mosaic (MOS)

MOS reports after the bell today and hopefully there will be enough of an impact for the stock to move and make a profit.

You buy both a Put and Call option near the price of the Stock for a Jan. 6th or 21st  expiration. Right now that looks to be about 52.5.

The specifics of this trade were brought up by Critic and others in the comments section of yesterdays blog. (scroll down)

You have to have understanding of options to make this trade and you risk perhaps all the $ you use to buy the Put and Call.

MOS was up to 4.28% to 52.59 yesterday. Currently,  for the 6th one call is $133 and put  $129 – That’s $261 or as I calculate about 5% move to break even. This seems possible. The 21st is $212 and $205 = $415. About an 8% move to get even.  Also possible. More time = higher price. A more conservative trade.

CAUTION – I do not have a great deal of experience with combination trades and obviously enter them at your own risk. I guarantee we will NOT make almost 200% like the GMCR combination trade.

By noon in comments section, I’ll make a decision on which expiration date. Perhaps both and what price. Will post it in comments section.

This is a high risk trade




Longer Term Outlook

3 months+







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