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Yankee Bob (Conclusion from Monday’s Editorial)

It was easier in the 60′s. The End the war hippy dippy back to the earth  Counter culture became the dominant narrative.

The counterculture said to popular culture’ Hey, your institutions told me to love one another, how can you send me around the world to kill people I have no quarrel with? How can you send me to kill yellow or brown people in the name of freedom and liberty and then discriminate against people of color  at home ??? Counter culture simply held the mirror up to society’s face and cried


We have to do that again! Society has to function for the greater good of many not just for the greed of a few. There is no doubt about the need for social change and social justice. There is no doubt that our political institutions are dominated by greedy corporate interests. Change will have to come from the ground up and not imposed from the top down.

We are many. The greedy are few. I hope. Can you imagine someone tomorrow announcing that they have a cure for HIV and AIDS and that they are making a gift of it to the world?? The  Talmud commands that we not shall stand idle our neighbors blood or suffering.

Our leaders like Obama are disappointing. Our Religious Institutions are too busy worrying about Gays and defending their pedophiles to be a force for social justice.

I think we have to organize from the ground up. Unions probably offer an effective vanguard for social justice. The Occupy Movement does too  in the sense that at least it is a demand for social justice.

Yankee Bob






Europe still has Significant Influence over US Stocks

Depressing Paul Krugman Editorial on Europe & Depression

Economic Overview

Economically we have a broken opaque worldwide shadow financial system.

No surprise conclusion for Investors411 readers.

When you look out over years this system is unsustainable. We face a very real rise in increased nationalism and trade wars. Any significant disintegration of  the European Union would be a disaster, as would a trade war with China. These are both very possible realities.

The world is running on etherial money – Credit Default Swaps/Derivatives (“Financial WMD’s” – Warren Buffett) Over leveraged, thinly regulated shadow banks proliferate.

Politicians are like magicians who divert you from the reality of what’s happening. Our too big to fail financial system is broken. Our formerly democratic government has become a tool for major corporations to privatize the profits for themselves and socialize the risk to the vanishing  individual middle class taxpayers. (see yesterday’s George Norboe editorial for more)

Company Profits vs Taxes Paid vs Lobbyists Paid

[See latest chart below]

Short term major companies are sitting on a mountain of cash to prop up their stock prices. The Fed is manipulating behind the curtain using its printing press to keep world economies afloat. It works for now, especially for the larger companies and stock prices.

The BUT is sooner or later you run out of fingers to put in the leaking dike.



Strong correlation between Europe and US stock opening price

Germany’s DAX down 0.72% at 6:15 AM EST

DAX down 0.90% at 8:50    AM EST

Even better indicator is the Italian 10 year bond Price. Italy is the biggest European country in trouble and a yield of 7.0% has forced other European countries into “controlled bankruptcies.”

Italian 10 year bond up slightly at 6.69% at 6:20 AM EST





Reading The Tea Leaves


Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator fell  to -36.02 . 50DMA at +11.59 = NEUTRAL/bullish

The S&P 500′s 200 DMA is proving to be a strong resistance level for US equities.

Technically, the resistance level of the S&P has held and the bulls are in retreat. Fundamentally, the Fed announcement yesterday offered no new public help. Both signs are BEARISH

Shorter term Outlook (week)

  • The Santa Clause/end of year selling pressure will have a positive impact. – Maybe NOT positive enough to turn stocks.
  • Key technical guide, and it has been very accurate throughout this cycle, is the MO
  • We have just started to enter moderately oversold territory (-30) We hit @-140 in early Aug & @-105 in late Nov.
  • Therefore,  there is a ways to go ( -36 to -105 = 69 points) before  we get any kind of solid reversal area.

So not expecting any technical help in the short term. Any reversal is going to have to come from some major change in fundamentals.





Paul’s Corner

3.24% YSL 7 vs. 2.56% S&P 500

Wow a nasty sell off into the close yesterday. As Ron Brown suggested in his morning report this is a very risky market. Most of the YSL 7 stocks are performing well, even in the daily market yo-yo actions. The following chart shows current group performance.

Chart Link:

SIMO was recently added to the Nasdaq 400 and 500.


Ron Brown HGSI had a great Weekend Report this past Saturday where he discussed Wolf Packs of stocks, i.e. stocks tend to run in groups and how to find them.


FTK has done well these past few weeks and it has approximately 6 days of short interest. Will you enjoy the short squeeze?

Jeffrey Scott, an HGSI user, had a great webinar last Wednesday evening. He gave a cooks tour of using HGSI and the ferreted out some great stocks.  The webinar is available for download. If you have ever wondered what HGSI can do, this video will show you.


The file is a zip file and includes the video and the power points. It’s a big file and you need high speed access.

Quite a few buy the dip opportunities these past few days giving a chance to ease into positions. Please review our Buy the Dip guidelines:


This is still a risky market to trade, please keep it in mind.




Current Positions


Strategy – Buy the Dip of trending sector/stock

Paul’s tutorial on Buying the Dip

Your Stock List #7 [YSL #7] is out and Paul has been updating it in the comment section of the blog. – Some excellent choices here.

SSO - (ETF that is @ 2X long the S&P 500) Bought, on dip at 46.20. A 5% stop loss order on this stock. Sadly our -5% stop/loss order was hit yesterday at 44.90. Sold for -5% loss

USO - (Oil ETF and UCO 2x oil) under consideration on dips.

All of Your Stock List #7 with links to charts may now be found  in the Positions Section of blog. (Scroll down)




Longer Term Outlook

3 months

Fundamentals behind the LTO -

The Fed has seemingly committed to do whatever it takes to hold things together, from US equities to the European Union. Over the last few years our Fed has been a successful major manipulator of US equities -higher. Working with allies it is attempting to do the same on a global scale.

The Fed’s manipulations do NOT fix the root cause of our over leveraged opaque financial system. They, at best, offer a temporary solution to keep stocks afloat.

Basic fundamental is still Don’t Fight the Fed. However, the Fed’s actions/manipulations are often not transparent. So when the the public announcement after the Fed meeting shows no change markets get spooked. Therefore downgrade to




Investors411 has 5 different valuations - BULLISH, CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH, NEUTRAL, CAUTIOUSLY BEARISH, and BEARISH.

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