What in a mirror? A vase, A slave, Your soul?

Wall Street Killing America’s Soul

Paul R has referenced an excellent piece by Paul B Farrell in the comments section of the blog. It’s exactly what Yankee Bob talks about (again in comments section) when he states-

No matter how small or logically challenged the Tea Partiers are they are invaluable to Corporate Capitalism. [I call it "casino capitalism"] It gives the major players and shakers a human face to spread their poisonous agenda . It’s like interviewing a slave that believes they are being well treated by their master so why don’t you become one too.

You should check out Farrell’s entire editorial, but let’s look at the “hyperspeed, toxic irrationality… of Wall Street (“Corporate capitalism” or “casino capitalism”). Farrell from Market Watch –

  • All Wall Street bankers are worth 100 times any Main Street investor
  • All Corporate American CEOs deserve to make 400 times their workers
  • All children of all Forbes 400 billionaires deserve to inherit tax-free
  • All lobbyists deserve millions when winning billions for special interests
  • All taxpayers should pay for catastrophic mistakes of Wall Street Fat Cats
  • All rich hedge fund managers deserve to be taxed at capital gains rates
  • All senators deserve to become millionaire lobbyists when they retire
  • And Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein deserves a $100 million bonus

This is the reality we live in – A reality that creates the deficits that John S, Me and even the TTP’s are outraged over. Yankee Bob understands that so many perhaps unaware slaves (the TTP’s) to the system that privatizes gains, socializes losses & creates deficits. Jim J. rightly concludes that we don’t want “less government,” but “Effective Government.”

Bottom Line – What will you do? Just keep staring in the mirror or take action.

The General & The President

Headline news around the US is about the Rolling Stone article The Runaway General. Will General McChrystal get fired or hand in his resignation for insubordinate remarks (he’s apologized) he and his staff made about Obama and his administration.  Tom Friedman’s view

KISS & Stocks (Keep It Simple Stupid)

If you don’t understand a term look in up at Investopedia.com dictionary


Index Percentage Volume
Dow -1.43% flat
NASDQ -1.19% flat
S&P 500 -1.61% up
Russell 2000 -2.14% -

Investors411 record – 5 years of beating benchmark S&P 500 and almost all major US indexes

Technicals, Fundamentals & Analysis

Analysis of stocks has become an analysis of what the “Black Boxes“,of  huge institutions with their high frequency trades & computer algorithms are doing. Their focus ,now, is on the huge currency trading markets.

Fed makes interest rates announcement today.

YOUR Questions

From private emails and public comments lets go over four aspects-

  • The BDI – I brought back the BDI Index because it was reaching a critical mass. This measurement of world trade had fallen so far and is close to a major support level that the fundamentals (trade) factors it represent were too big for even the Black Boxes to ignore.
  • The MO – It’s not a magic bullet. But it does show you when the odds are in your favor to make a trade. There are many similar Indexes, but this one was chosen because it does NOT use stock volume. Volume has become less relevant because the “Black Box Computers” have taken over trading.
  • This is NOT your parents buy and hold market. The USA shadow financial corporations are running an opaque unregulated banking system. We have a congress and & administration that is unable or unwilling to balance the system so YOU have the same advantages as (as Yankee Bob would put it) your corporate masters.
  • Because of point 3, everything is more opaque & more volatile. Emotionalism, fear, and irrationality make owning most stocks far more risky than in the past. Example, Right now the BDI besides loosing 40% is close to breaking down. A breakdown here greatly increases the chances of a second major recession on top of the first.

Significant Indexes

  • McClellan Oscillator (MO) fell significantly to +1.01 [+60 or above = Overbought = sell. -60 or below = Oversold = buy]. StockCharts has a better version of the McClellan chart ($NYMO) LINK. –  & Investopedia on –  How the MO works. NEUTRAL
  • US Dollar –  The dollar rose yesterday +0.13% [Anything over +/- @0.50 is significant.] Mantra - right now The Dollar Rules is very important. Dollar up = stocks down and visa versa. This was the first two up days in a row for the last 13 sessions. Yesterday confirmed the previous days more significant move. For stocks =Bearish
  • BDI - The  Baltic Dry Index (Measures cost of shipping – Higher costs good = more being shipped. BDI is in free fall from @4200 to  2547 yesterday. This is a huge -39% drop in 5+ weeks.  Often a leading indicator for stocks. Now at/ just above a support level. Rate of fall declined yesterday. This index often makes slow changes, so diminished decline (@40% less) could be the start of a reversal. However, clearly long term  = Bearish

Reading the Tea Leaves-

Apple computer seems to be single handedly keeping this market afloat. It’s one of the stocks on YOUR Stock List. However, emerging markets especially China is still the key to worldwide growth.

The mantra continues to be watch FXE (EURO currency ETF) and UUP (US currency ETF)


The  Positions Section = latest buys and sells  - These are positions I actually own – Updated over weekend

Have not yet had a chance to Update over last weekend but there are NO positions held at this time

DGP is ETF that is double long gold. Investors411 plans to buy the dip in this ETF.

Long Term Outlook = NEUTRAL


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