Iran Day 14


Collage of dead protesters – Photo Andrew Sullivan Blog

Sorry, I’m just too emotionally exhausted and heartbroken to continue sifting through the blogs and tweets on Iran. You look at too many videos, audios blogs, tweets, and analysis and it’s overwhelmingly sad.

Best 4 sources still

Nico Pitney at the Huffington Post here

Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic here

Robert Mackey at the NYT here

BBC- world’s largest news outlet that strives to be unbias here

The Obama Debate

Barack Obama

We’ve had an excellent debate over Obama’s policies and effectiveness in the comments section of the blog .  You all have make some great points. Investors411 has both praised Obama and condemned him (mostly over the choice of Larry Summers as chief economic advisor)

Right now Obama is a very popular president (something like 60% positive and 32% negative) So what.

To jumble the title of his book – We have The Hope , but not enough Audacity .  This summer is the time for him to forget about consensus building and take charge. The single issue he alone can make the most difference in  this summer is health care.

"[Obama's]command of the issues — and ability to explain those issues in plain English — is a joy to behold. His administration has spent months talking and working with everyone on health care. Fine. Now its time for Audacity.  Take one plan and lead. See Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman editorial here



Index Percentage % Volume
Dow +2.08% up
NASDQ +2.08 % up
S&P500 +2.14% flat
Russell2000 +2.88 % -


Volume was below average again  and up just a smidge for the NASDQ and Dow. Perhaps some expert analyst can glean something from the volume, but the bottom line is no big moves are being made by the big institutions and there are a lot of people sitting on the sideline. Some of these folks are very unlikely to get back into investing in stocks. Volume is NOT confirming any price move.

Yesterday’s big move higher was probably a whole bunch of traders (as opposed to long term  investors) getting caught having to cover their short positions.


Top 3 Recommendations/concepts

Very happy with the mid term results posted yesterday! Obviously Investors 411 toasted the benchmark S&P 500.  Going forward 3 recommendations/concepts

  • China (FXI )will continue to outperform USA (See Positions & Overview at top of blog for more on this and other recommendations)
  • Brazil, (EWZ ) India (INF ) and alternative energy (GEX/PBW ) are still decent buy the dips plays.  But you have to be careful on all of the above including China. Even though they will outperform USA. They will fall faster in a meltdown.
  • The economic problems  created over the past decade are massive. Over leveraged or phony wealth accounted for huge part of economic growth and where is that growth going to come from now?  Our (the USA) debt, dependence on foreign oil, and our inability to change entrenched special interest groups are three large anchors holding our economy back.

Long Term Outlook = NEUTRAL

See Changes in STRATEGY, POSITIONS, & OVERVIEW sections of blog


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