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It’s here. The concept of nationalization has come out of the closet and now even Bernanke and Greenspan are using the term.  Worries over nationalization have caused a meltdown in stocks, but it seems to be better choice than the systemic chaos of bankruptcies or the taxpayers continuing to to be the major shovel throwing money at the problem.

Now the big boys  Bernanke and Greenspan are  using the N word. At Investors411 (see archives) you watched this significant trend develop from a whisper to a market mover that will significantly change our governments response to the financial crisis.

Learning lessons from India

India has been terrorized by multiple terrorist attacks that have originated from inside Pakistan. Yet they have not gone to war with them unlike the Bush administration who went to war with a country that had nothing to do with WMD’s or 911. The significant Muslim population of India has rejected the Mumbai terrorists. For more see Tom Friedman’s editorial – No Way, No How, Not Here.

Helping Mortgage Holders

Finally a plan to keep the rate of foreclosures from growing. All he Paulson TARP plan did was shovel money at banks. Obama has announced a plan to help possibly 9 million threatened homeowners.  The ripple effect of not helping would bring down a lot more financial institutions and further devalue home across America. Many comments on this are like those on the stimulus plan – while significant it is not enough – NYT editorial

Israel Elections

The vast majority of elections analysts see the right wing gaining power in Israel. To most Israeli’s and Americans the war against Hamas had a far better outcome than the war against Hezbollah. Of course there are many worldwide angered by both wars. While the centrists  did barely win the most seats in Israel’s parliament the  divided right wing parties picked up a substantial majority. 

Bottom Line – The peace process has become a whole lot harder

Stanford, Another Madoff

Another this time smaller $8 billion dollar Ponzi scheme has come to light.  Seems investors thought nothing of  investing in 10% to 14% yielding CD’s controlled by the Stanford Group. Mr S is on the lamb.  

Bottom Line - Once again the understaffed, incompetent SEC is caught with its pants down. When all you had under Bush (really since Reagan) was cut cut cut government and don’t you dare dare dare regulate free markets – Stanford/Madoff and an over leveraged financial catastrophy is the result.





Short Term Outlook

Major US markets took a breather yesterday. Foreign markets have rebounded somewhat overnight. CNBC, the most popular financial channel (they are right wing cheer leaders corporations) has a decent morning compilation of how markets are setting up for the day.

Momentum is still with the bears.

Long Term Outlook Bears Rule


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