Below is your very own collection of photos of the men who have privatized the profits and socialized the risk.  The Masters of the Universe who have rescued the dishonest and  greedy banks, kept the financial system afloat,  and created an explosive rally on Wall Street by moving in the shadows and stripping away financial transparency. Of course that’s just how they helped create the financial meltdown in the first place.

The Masters of the Universe


Timothy Geithner Lawrence Summers  

Henry Paulson

(above photos – Tim Geithner, Larry Summers, Hank Paulson)

“To the Moon Alice”

was Ralph Kramdon’s (John Herbert “Jackie” Gleason Jr.) famous line.  That’s just where the stock market is now going. See technicals and fundamentals below.

Masters of the Universe

was , of course, was the term author Tom Wolfe used in to describe all  the greed, arrogance, and shadow deals that personified Wall Street in the 1980′s. Since Obama’s took office his boys (Summer’s & Geithner), like Paulson before them, have become the personification of Wolf’s term.

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman  in an editorial entitled “Zombie Financial Ideas” states “ Every plan we’ve heard from Treasury amounts to the same thing — an attempt to socialize the losses while privatizing the gains.”

Arianna Huffington In her editorial pleads with Obama to take the “steering wheel out  of Geithner’s hands.”  She chronicles the war within the Obama administration between Axelrod and Geithner/Summers over AIG, Wall Street bonuses and just who is going to pay to fix the worldwide financial problem. Right now the fixer sure looks like YOU (the taxpayer) your children and your chldren’s children. 

John Bogel (legendary founder of Vanguard) - This AM on CNBC – The solution gets the government back in the shadow banking business

The solution, brings the world’s financial system back from the brink and ignites a Wall Street rally lead by the financials that scammed the world.  Probably later rather than sooner ordinary folks are going to realize how big the bill will be. 

A whole lot more on this later and since we’re all in this together you can lead the conversation by  submitting YOUR editorial/comments at the bottom of the blog.





Index Percentage % Volume
Dow +6.84% flat
NASDQ +6.76% down
S&P500 +7.08% down
Russell2000 +8.40% -


Technicals & Fundamentals

XLF (ETF) the beaten up financial sector (institutions full of toxic,over leveraged debt) continues to lead this rally – up an enormous +16.4% yesterday. 

Big rally, again with little volume. Volume was above average. Volume, the #1 confirmation factor did not confirm the rally.  This signals that the market is full for traders and the long term investors are sitting on the sidelines.

Still Critical to all this in that major major 741 support level on the S&P 500. The SPX (see chart at side of blog) ended the day at 822.  Technically the SPX broke through two significant resistance levels (the 50 day moving average & the 804 Jan. low).

Reading the Tea Leaves - Exactly the same as early last week - Allowing for less transparent accounting is fundamentally going to help those corrupt banks and ripple positively through out  the markets. As mentioned before we’ve recently had +20 and +28% rallies and the current bear market rally has reached over 21% on the benchmark S&P 500  

Bottom Line - Again the same as last week. Ride the wave   Psychologically, the most likely senerio is a dip after a large gain that greedy traders (caution there is a big difference between traders and long term investors) will buy into. Volume did NOT confirmed yesterday rally. 

Fundamentally three factors have acted like dropping nukes on the bear’s forest. Spring has sprung and the bombed out bears seem to be moving back to their cage and hibernation. 

  1. The Fed flooding the markets with cash
  2. The growing political will to remove mark to market accounting
  3. The Masters of the Universe running Obama’s economic policy


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