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Why you’re going to see this race tighten.

1) The Ashley Todd HOAX worked

For those of you who are not paying attention – Ashley Todd was a deeply troubled white McCain supporter who apparently "carved" a backwards B into her cheek (she was looking into a mirror) and accused a big black male Obama supporter of doing this and beating her. The McCain campaign pushed this story to the hilt last week. Their PA communications director spread unsubstantiated rumors to the press and both MCCain and Palin called the woman. The Drudge report, FOX news, as well as he entire right wing noise machine spent two days blasting out the story. It all was a self induced HOAX. LINK

Forget the fact that this was a HOAX . A rational response would be that there was obvious inconsistencies in her story and many major networks waited to air the story because of this. But the story was pushed by the right. Why? – To the folks who even have a bit of bigotry and are prone to fear mongering this event stirred up all the old negative feelings and stereotypes about race. It really juiced up the right wing base. Probably over 1/2 of them still believe the story to be true, but the real impact is the racial doubt it puts in the minds of people.

2) Labeling

McCain is using simple terms in labeling – Obama is a "socialist" " and other labels. American’s get the simple stuff and Obama is again playing defense. "Joe the plumber" line works because Obama tax plan which helps those earning under $250,000 has been lost in the noise of labeling. Obama is a good counter puncher but this puts him on the defense.

This election is about the economy and Obama has yet to close the deal with many of those earning under $250,000 a year who will receive more tax cuts under him than under McCain. This will stimulate the economy and help America grow.

3) Robo calls/negative adds work

No matter how much people say they hate negative calls or how untrue they are these calls work. McCain is launching attack after attack trying to associate Obama loose connection with negative people figures and concepts. Forget the fact that at least 5 Republican Senators have called for this to stop. It works because it forces Obama to play defense instead of focus on the economy. It also works because it is a repeated message that brings up doubts.

Obama has taken the high road (although he too has had some questionable adds) and about as bad as you now see as a negative is the standard McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time add.

The fact that Obama is not using Keating,(see past updates)& McCain’s current ties to wealthy lobbyists more aggressively is a big mistake. He should have adds out about McCain’s 7 houses, 13 cars and Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe. The wardrobe, stuff and the $11,000 a week for Palin’s makeup (the highest paid member of McCain’s campaign)was mana from heaven. Obama should use these facts in a adds and on the stump to show how out of touch his opposition is with real Americans.

Simple stuff/symbolism works when campaigning.

4) Complacency

Too many in the press have already given this election to Obama. Obama’s once mighty revenue machine has slowed down considerably as have his complacent supporters. Obama does have an advantage when it comes to workers, but if they are complacent that advantage vanishes.

American’s love an underdog. McCain is now that underdog.

Bottom Line – McCain is playing hardball and Obama is playing softball – so the race will tighten . -

The Two downsides of Obama not going more negative.

#1 downside of Obama going more negative is the less the chance there will be to heal this country after the election.
#2 downside is that he could loose the election.

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