Iran Day 10


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The BBC has an excellent post of brown shirted Iranian government forces riding on there motorcycles and shooting into a crowd here or a women from inside Iran describes what’s happening to BBC here

NYT lead story has Government publicly admitting that there were more ballots than votes cast in 50 Iranian cities here here The usual sources still provide the best description of what’s happening . Also add the live NYT blog the Lede

Read Scott’s worthy description of Iran’s/US past history in his post on the right side of blog.

The Obama Debate

Obama Pakistan Interview

Frank Rich editorializes its Obama’s Make or Break Summer here (See Sunday’s blog) Bob and D already staked out there positions. Here they are.

Bob I am feeling badly betrayed by Obama. His health care reform is nothing that will help and his reforms for Wall St look like they were written by Wall St. He has not kept his promise on Don’t Ask, don’t tell and his Justice Dept is defending DOMA. His energy head is pushing for Govt.subsidies for Nuclear Power,but not for renewables. He refuses to prosecute the High Crimes and War Crimes of the Bush administration. I am angry,ashamed and I feel betrayed! Maybe Nader was  right! Obama is not going to give us health care ,or green energy. He is giving us endless war,a fascist state and new nuclear power plants. At least Bush never pretended to represent us,but O did. Damn him to hell!

D Bob, I can understand people being frustrated with Obama, he hasn’t done everything I want too. But sometime you you get what you get and your cup is 1/2 full. I hope it fills up more over the course of the next 4 years. Some of the Positives that Obama has helped create -

1) As Barr said under Bush we got Ahmadinejad, Under Obama we got the Cairo speech, Lebanon election and the Green Revolution in Iran
2) We don’t have a right wing radical nominated to the Supreme court, we have Sonia Sotomayor
3) Laws expanding children’s health care funded by a cigarette tax
4) science means something again and we passed stem cell research
5) Abolishing torture, ordering Guantanamo closed and a fixed timetable for Iraq withdrawal.
6) A big stimulus bill/taxcut to get the economy moving again.
7) Moving toward better lower cost heath care for more Americans
8) Keeping the economy from crashing and a stock market rebound

9) Money in the stimulus for green jobs and education.
10) The new respect the US has gained from other countries around the world.



Index Percentage % Volume
Dow -0.19% up
NASDQ +1.09 % up
S&P500 +0.31% up
Russell2000 +0.64 % -


Both the NASDQ and the S&P moved higher in above average volume.  However Friday was what is called a "quadruple witching day"  This means either a whole bunch of stock traders were riding around on their broomsticks in audition for the new Harry Potter movie or a whole lot of options expired.

Bottom Line – Increased volume NOT a fact on Friday.

Major event – Fed Meets this week

Technicals & Fundamentals

Significant forecasting tools/Indexes for stock markets

Note - Repeated statements in brown

Right now, there are two indexes that are significantly influencing stocks in the USA & world. The dollar in the short term and the BDI in the long term

$USD The dollar is the index to watch. The bottom line right now is – When the dollar goes down-stocks and oil prices go up and visa versa. Dollar went down-0.34% .   It looks like the dollar may be establishing a short term bullish pattern (see chart)  of higher highs and higher lows. Still to early to tell

Fundamentally its hard to understand why the dollar is rising, because we are printing to much $ and have s large stimulus package. Still other countries and traders are buying dollars. Lots of different ways to spin this – one is there is still confidence in the US economic system.

BDI The Baltic Dry Index measures the flow of goods (world trade). 24 up days in a row, 6 down day in a row,  a 6 day rally and the BDI fell minimally on Friday 4073 to 4070 . The BDI is more a long term indicator. The chart pattern shows that the BDI has reached a critical resistance level its high of the year.  This could either be a double top chart pattern (bearish) where price fails to move higher or we may break out to new highs. Time will tell.

If trade is diminishing through out the world then a worldwide recovery is in serious trouble.

Reading the Tea Leaves

Still think this market has moved too high to fast and is a technical rebound. As stated two weeks ago we may see a 5 to 10% technical fall or consolidation.  But one Economist who called the whole stock meltdown in the first place Nourille Roubini see a "significant market correction" LINK His reasoning is oil prices and interest rates are rising too rapidly.

If these do continue to occur, what started out as an over bought technical retreat could turn into a full scale test the low bottom.  So in future Investors will keep an eye on interest rates and continue to watch oil prices.

This week fearless forecast – Another down to flat week.

  • Holding onto long term positions FXI ,
  • PBW/GEX (sold 1/2 of GEX and waiting for dip to buy similar amount of PBW – then will sell other 1/2 of GEX and buy PBW.  PBW is just a better preforming alternative energy ETF
  • IFN Bought a small amount India ETF.

Personally, have not reinvested in the other positions that Investors411 held – QLD ( 2x NASDQ) EWZ (Brazil) & XLF/UYG (financials) Waiting for more of a dip.

"The Hedge"  SDS and QLD is basically flat since it was introduced.  For more see Position s section at top of blog

Long Term Outlook = NEUTRAL

See Changes in STRATEGY, POSITIONS, & OVERVIEW sections of blog


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