Over the weekend three outstanding editorials with different economic points of views have surfaced.  Each editorial outlines the economic problems created in the USA, their solutions and their impact on the world.  What this country does now is going to impact YOUR investments, YOUR job, and YOUR well being for decades to come. The better informed YOU are, the better decision YOU can make about YOUR future.

  • Joe Nocera each Saturday writes and outstanding business column for the NYT. His piece this week – This Time, This Time, Geithner’s Plans for Banks Makes Sense. Nocera takes on the critics and supports FDIC chairwomen Sheila Bair who thinks that “this[Geithner's plan] is a necessary cleansing process.” His conclusion after admitting the plan has flaws -”But it represents the beginning of something we should be applauding, not condemning: cold, hard reality.”

  • Robert Reich who served as Labor Secretary in the Clinton administration and is an influential Berkeley economist writes an outstanding editorial in the WSJ. He writes about Obama’s Focus on Improving Human Capital. Reich/Obama want to build the economy from the bottom up. He repeats his often used statistic. “In 1980, before Reagan took office, the highest-paid 1% took home 9% of total national income. By 2007, before the economy melted down, the richest 1% was taking home 22%.”

  • Simon Johnson an extremely influential professor from MIT’s School of Management writes outstanding piece in the Atlantic - The Quiet Coup Johnson explains the solution  the International Monetary Fund (IMF) would enforce if their hands were not tied by politics. The IMF has been through this senerio many times before when a rich oligarchy takes over an emerging market. This time that financial oligarchy is in the USA and the implication of what happens is global. (more on SJ Monday)



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