WHAT’S UP – China leading world out of recession; Huge stimulus and Chinese banks loan package has dramatic positive short term impact on stocks; Shadow banks are winning in their tug of ear with Obama’s administration: Stress test results; Investors411 recommended positions have possibly best day ever!




Chinese Banks are lending money - big time They were not nearly as over leveraged as American shadow banks and China. Their stimulus which is bigger per capita than the USA’s is also helping turning the Chinese economy. A second stimulus package is projected soon. Some outstanding growth stats announced yesterday. Some details on China’s stock’s explosion higher yesterday here and here

For more see 4/16 Investors411 blog on China or (recommended) Positions section of blog

Bottom Line – China is leading the rest of the world out of the recession. In the long run this much stimulus is going to be inflationary.

Shadow Banks

There’s the good, the bad and the ugly about shadow banks. But the the good is the fact that they are leadings stocks higher, It seems in the tug of war between increased governance  by our government and allowing US banks to continue to move in the shadows is moving in one direction –  the Shadow’s are winning, NYT story.

Stress Test

Shadow bank, Wells Fargo was thought to be one of the banks that failed the government’s “Stress Test” and it moves up +24% on the stock market.  Talk about moving higher on bad news = great for stocks.

“The U.S. is expected to direct about 10 of the 19 banks undergoing government stress tests to boost their capital, according to several people familiar with the matter”    Full WSJ story


Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

Why Tom Friedman is Wrong (part 2)

Sorry Started this when my server/modem went crazy on me last Thursday. See his editorial “A Tortuous Compromise.” in which he invisions a decent wesern US democracy in Iraq. 

Imagine Rush Limbaugh and the far right coming together as “brothers” with Move On and the far left. Multiply that times 10 and add a mountain full of oil money/power to fight over and you have how the Shia feel about the Sunni’s in Iraq.

What happened is the Shia (60% of the population) kicked ass in a civil war over the Sunni’s (20% of the population and Saddam’s group) Add to this years/decades of mass killings. This is almost as bad as imagining Hamas and Israel coming together in one democratic love fest. 




Index Percentage % Volume
Dow +2.61% up
NASDQ +2.58% up
S&P500 +3.39% up
Russell2000 +4.07% -


Technicals & Fundamentals

China (FXI =+8.95%) (see April 16th blog)and Financials (shadow banks) added high octane jet fuel to last week’s breakout.

S&P 500 turns positive for the year! SPX closes at 907 – First major technical resistance level at @ 940 (an old high and close to the 50 day moving average)

XLF - The ETF that tracks financials (mostly shadow banks )Broke out of its consolidation pattern and rose +10.14% in increased above average volume.  Therefore, volume confirmed a huge breakout. If you’re in recommended ETF’s that do 2x & 3x what the XLF day you did spectacular. (see positions)

The XFL had been consolidating between @ 9.4 & 11.3. XFL closed  above breakout levels at 11.73 .

A Wowie Zowie Rally!

Wow! Yesterday was a fabulous day for Investor’s 411 recommended Positions.

See Positions at top of blog. Most Investors411 recommended  positions did 2 to 4+ times better than US markets. Both China and Financials are recommended ETF’s (see positions) 

Even GEX (alternative energy) was up +9.95%.  Also Brazil (EWZ) was up +5.98%.

Reading the tea leaves - Obviously, would love see stock positions hold onto their gains and not rocket higher or lower. Moving too far too fast is reason for concern. Consolidation over a few weeks is best in the long term for bulls.  

Those shorter term traders should obviously book some profits soon. Why be greedy? There should be a whole lot of traders buying the first dip today.  Let’s see what happens after that.

Caution – Don’t get all caught up in this good news. There are massive economic problems out there in the USA and many foreign countries.


Long Term Outlook = NEUTRAL

See Changes in STRATEGY, POSITIONS, & OVERVIEW sections of blog


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