Index Percentage % Volume
Dow -1.34% up-huge
NASDQ -0.11% up
S&P500 -1.14% up-huge
Russell2000 -1.38% -




Deer in the Headlight



Stop staring at the headlights and Get out of the road

The reason Investors411 brings you news like “the worlds financial system has effectively disintegrated” (see last post on blog – Roubini, Volker Sorosis so YOU can stop standing like a deer in the headlights and do something to protect your economic well being. - 

Obviously, the Laissez-Faire capitalism under the previous four Presidents has spectacularly failed. The tech, housing, and credit bubbles have all burst under the absolutism of “free market capitalism” and something better has to arise from the ashes. 

Over the last eight years we have so decimated/cut and tainted the staffs of regulatory agencies from the SEC to the FDIC that any short term solution from Madoff to Nationalization becomes,at best very very difficult. 

The Real Structural Problem

What we watched over the last 8 years is an orgy of economic bubbles bursting because of unregulated greed of our capitalist system. Yes its time to restore balance, but first you have to recognize the long term structural problems. Researchers Picketty and Saez on where the money’s gone in our country over the last 40 years. Quote from economist Robert Reich& graph from Picketty and Saez -

since the late 1970s, a greater and greater share of national income has gone to people at the top of the earnings ladder. As late as 1976, the richest 1 percent of the country took home about 9 percent of the total national income. By 2006, they were pocketing more than 20 percent. But the rich don’t spend as much of their income as the middle class and the poor do — after all, being rich means that you already have most of what you need. That’s why the concentration of income at the top can lead to a big shortfall in overall demand and send the economy into a tailspin. (It’s not coincidental that 1928 was the last time that the top 1 percent took home more than 20 percent of the nation’s income.)

This is the beginning of a “Great Recession.” and the real long term structural problems of income inequality have to be addressed. (see Overview section of blog) Only then will we find a long term solution.




Short Term Outlook

Both Citi Group and Bank of America were again had massive losses on Friday based on fears of nationalization.  The ETF that mirrors financials is XLF

The major indexes recovered from -3% losses in huge volume on Friday.  After 5 straight days of financial meltdown technically it looks like we may see a short covering rally continue.  The huge volume in financial stocks, the Dow and the S&P indicates a short term climax selloff. This is where all the weak or frightened investors panic and sell. The more solid long term holders remain. The rally from the 3+% fall is all the short term traders caught in short positions selling. Technically, Friday’s trading and the oversold conditions indicate a short term rally in stocks should continue.

You shouldn’t get too excited  - this is a technical bounce. Sometimes these bounces can be the start of something bigger. What we need is some major change in fundamentals like slowing unemployment or decline in the default rate of mortgages to give any rally substance.

Long Term Outlook BEARS RULE


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