Obama Got His Mojo Back

Barack Obama faces revolt over health care overhaul

Hopefully, you’ve seen all or part of Obama’s news conference  catching Iran red handed developing a secret potential WMD broadcast yesterday morning. LINK The follow-up news conference LINK

  • Obama “WAITED” till he had actionable intelligence to show potential development of WMD’s in Iran. Unlike the Cheney/Bush administration which day after day emotionally and ideologically fear mongered non exixtant WMD’s and terrorists in Iraq.
  • His timing was impeccable – The whole world was watching between the UN conference and the G 20 meeting. Ahmadinejad was unable to hide behind his state run media.
  • Presidents of our major allies France & Britain flanked Obama when he spoke.
  • Obviously, previous missile concessions to Russians were used to change their position. The Russians seemed to know nothing about the secret nuclear facility. They changed their position and called sanctions “inevitable.”
  • Obama didn’t splinter the world into “you’re either with us or against us.” Remember it was France & UN weapons inspectors who led the charge against us that Iraq had NO WMD’s
  • Obama has spent time repairing a bit the damage between the USA and the Arab world. Iran is Persian not Arab so this helps.
  • Obama was forceful rational, logical and together with allies outline a plan. I’m sure the far right will foam at the mouth and fear monger Iran. They’ve got to be apoplectic that we’ve got somewhere without torture, bombs or threats.

Can’t help thinking that if we hadn’t unjustly invaded Iraq. Iran, Iraq former arch enemy would have a far more pro western democratic government than they have now.

Obama’s Got His Mojo Back #2

Obama dominated the airwaves on the health care debate.  The focus changed to substance. It almost seemed like Americans wanted to listen to reasoned adults instead of the screaming mobs of tea bagger’s and their media allies. Polls have moved in his direction-except Afghanistan.

But the majority of us still don’t know what the hell his heath care plan is .

NYT/CBS poll 30% mostly support, 23% mostly oppose and 46% don’t know enough. LINK

Terrorism’s Mojo is Back

Bill Sparkman

Bill Sparkman/ Phot Huffington Post

Unfortunately,  Homegrown & Foreign Terrorism is back in the USA this week

  • US Census worker, Bill Sparkman , was found naked, bound, hanged with the word FED written with a felt tip marker on his chest. LINK
  • “An American resident” Najibullah Zazi was charged by FBI with an al Qaeda conspiracy to use bombs. LINK
  • A Jordanian 19 year old Hosam Samadi was charged by FBI with an attempting to blow up a Dallas building. LINK
  • Obama faces 30 death threats a day, a 400% increase over previous administration. LINK
  • “Today’s angry political climate could spark violence”Nancy Pelosi – Gets support from experts LINK

Kudos to the Secret Service and the FBI for the work they did/do.

Please note due to heavy work schedule there will be far fewer Investors411 over the next two weeks.

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