US and world markets had one of those now rare winning days (see chart below) so lets take a look at the trends in American politics.

Hoping Obama Fails

Remember the Republicans all during the Iraq war accusing their fellow American’s and the rest of the world “you’re either with us or against us.” Now, radical right winger Rush Limbaugh who seems to have taken over the leadership of the Republican party is actually proudly broadcasting “he hopes Obama fails”


Where’s Waldo

Has anyone seen or heard from the former president?


Disintegrating Republican Chair

The Chair of the Republican National Committee is supposed to be a fellow called Michel Steele. Well he took on Limbaugh calling him and “entertainer” whose show was “ugly” and “incendiary” After a day of getting blasted by Limbaugh, Steel did a 180 and apologized. Almost every right and left wing blog is gushing stories on Limbaugh filling the void of leadership in the Republican party and the huge blow to the image of the Republican party.

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Obama’s Mortgage Plan

Yesterday Obama/Geithner unveiled their mortgage plan to keep 9 million homeowners in their homes. Markets did move higher, in part on this news.(see below)


A PHD from Oxford and Funny

If you think Phd from Oxford can’t be funny, political and relevant, then you haven’t watched Rachel Maddow Last night the commedian/poltical satirist was on Jay Leno. Maddow has a show on MSNBC at 9:00PM EST


How to Bring Down the Deficit

Simple Stop empire building and approving hundreds of billions for  unneeded cold war weapons systems. We thought Obama was going to to take this on, but if  his slooooooooow Iraq withdraw plan is any indication of  the direction he’s he’s taking this country we’re in for Bush lite. American’s are so paranoid that we spend as much on the military as the whole rest of the world combined.





Index Percentage % Volume
Dow +2.23% up
NASDQ +2.48% flat
S&P500 +2.38% up
Russell2000 +2.85% -


Technicals & Fundamentals

Finally a green day across the board for US and most of the world’s stock markets.  Maybe it was the 75 billion mortgage plan, the China stimulus plan or just what Investors411 has bee predicting and oversold technical bounce that moved stocks higher.  Most likely a combination of all three.

The monthly jobless report is big news (announced Friday) and its going to be hard to see stocks move higher today in front of the jobs report.  In this case traders (there are very few investors left) may sell the rumor (worse than expected jobs report) and buy the news (an in line with expectations jobs report)  This could extend Wednesday’s bullish reversal. I’m trying to be optimistic

All our secondary indicators remain mildly positive for the bulls. See charts of BDSI, Treasuries & Libor on right hand side of blog.  Of special interest is the Baltic Dry Sea Index that measures shipping. Seems like China is still importing and exporting goods.

The major problem continues to be investors realizing just how many trillions of dollars of wealth has evaporated as major financial institutions posted unregulated, fraudulent, over leveraged profits from what was basically an insurance scam.

Our government and these companies continue to hide their losses and few like Senators like Bernie Sanders seems to be wiling to go after them. (see yesterday’s update.  

Today NY AG Andrew Cuomo is going after Bank of Ameica/Merill Lynch for exorbitant salaries. This is flashy, but it doesn’t emphasize the size and scope of the damage done by financial institution over the last decade.

Long Term Outlook BEARS RULE

See STRATEGY, POSITIONS, OVERVIEW  & ARCHIVES sections of blog for more


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