WHAT’S UP? - Prisoner Journalists Roxana Saberi & Sami al Hajj; Media’s huge bias; Understanding why people really act as they do may be completely different from what you have been conditioned to believe; A sucker’s Wall St. Rally? Oil Prices gushing, & Shadow Banks.

AP photo of  Roxana Saberi

The Enormous Bias in the Media

Roxana Sabreri is the American/Iranian jounalist who was recently convicted of spying  in a secret trial trial in Iran. She was released yesterday and American media is understandably happy. It’s a major story and demonstrates many of the many of the injustices within Iran. The months she spent in jail in Iran were clearly unjustified.  This is something almost all of us in “civilized” countries are happy about.


But have you even heard of Prisoner # 345. – Sami al Hajj –

The rest of the world has

Al Jazeera photo of Sami al Hajj

Sami al Hajj - Is an Al Jazerra (#1 media outlet in Muslim world) cameraman who without a secret trial spent 2139 days or 6+  years imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.  He called his treatment by American’s –  “worse than rats would be treated.” The entire Muslim world kept a vigil on Sami’s “cruel and barbaric” treatment by the US. He has been released and drew many pictures describing his captivity.
You wonder why so many Muslim’s hate us?
Why do so many Muslim’s become terrorists?
Take a look below at one of his sketches.

 We see ourselves painted by the light of American media bias. The Muslim world see a differently painted bias.

To create a solution and build a better future you have to at least understand why the other side takes the actions it does.



Index Percentage % Volume
Dow -1.82% down
NASDQ -0.45% down
S&P500 -2.15% down
Russell2000 -1.93% -


Long Term Outlook

Quotes from Positions section of blog-  Fundamentals - The problem in the financial sector is far far far far far bigger than fist imagined. Impact of this mess is going to take years to resolve. Quote from Strategy section of blog - This is NOT your fathers buy and hold market

It is very feasible to see stocks rally as GDP rises from @-6% in the USA to perhaps 0%. However, the long term viability, after that concept is built into stock prices, is the major concern. The Upcoming War with Shadow Banks will be the first big test for the future. 

Is this a sucker’s rallyFrom the WSJ 

Technicals & Fundamentals

Major down day for most major markets except NASDQ.  Volume decreased and was below average. Therefore, volume did NOT confirm the price move. The NASDQ had a major loss with increased volume 3 trading days ago.  So far volume has not confirmed the losses on any major index including financials (see below & charts onside of blog)

Right now this looks like natural profit taking after a big run higher. I could develop into a reversal if volume increases.

XLF - The ETF that tracks financials (mostly shadow banks ) fell -5.84%in decreased below average volume.  Since the current rally began two months ago only 4 times have we had two down days in a row for financials.  So if today is another down day in, especially in light volume, short term traders might (day and swing traders) might see it as an opportunity to buy.

If Shadow Banks go up – so will stocks. If Shadow banks go down so will stocks – The mantra of the markets for the past two months continues.

WTIC charts “Light Crude Oil”.(see chart) Notice after Oil hit a low @$37 a barrel in Feb. it rose to a range between $48 and $54 for over a month and over a month ago it broke out and two days ago reached a high of almost $60. 

This breakout move above $54 has two sides two opposite sides (Bullish & Bearish) to it. 

  • Oil above $54 indicates that investors see a recovery in the future that can sustain higher oil prices
  • Higher oil prices hurt American consumers whose purchasing power are critical to the recovery.

What happens to Shadow Banks is still the dominant factor controlling what other stocks do. Investors411 has given the good,the bad and the ugly of the privatizing the gains and socializing the risk in Shadow Banks – The clear positive is the gainsonWall Street.

The upcoming war  - We have rapidly created an incredibly massive subsidy system for America’s Shadow Institutions – How do we disconnect from these wealthy welfare recipients?

Most likely senerio for week -  Consolidation or profit taking. Let Shadow banks be your guide.

Long Term Outlook = NEUTRAL

See Changes in STRATEGY, POSITIONS, & OVERVIEW sections of blog


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