What’s Up? Sorry, Limited time this AM – While Mondays have been good days for stocks recently – the NASDQ is showing signs of rolling over and dragging the rest of the indexes with it. Some sort of a correction likely this week: Barak Spock Obama vs the ideologues.

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Barak “Spock” Obama

It’s amazing how many analogies there are out there comparing Obama & his administration to Spock and the “Federation.” Both my grandson and I loved the movie. 

Like Spock & the Federation in the movie and TV series, Obama faces external challenges. There are many external threats, but for Obama who keeps his cool like Spock, the internal threats seem to be far more sinister. 

The far right wing that rules the Republican party has doggedly held onto the “you’re either with us or against us” mantra that every alien villain has had in the Star Trek series. The real threat to Obama and America is those who openly hope “Obama fails.” If he fails so does America.

It’s one thing to criticize his conduct or to think what his administration does will not work (this blog often does), but its hugely different to hope for failure.

Rush Limbaugh, openly promotes this division (Failure) among Americans. What’s frightening is how powerful he is among Republicans.(see past updates) The far left has its wacko’s, but they never came close to devouring the Democratic party or moderates in the USA.

Media Matters has stood up to this group of ideologues for years. Their latest fight is against CBS sport analyst David Feherty who suggest “any US soldier would kill [Democratic leaders] “Reid and Pelosi.”


Sorry, ran out of time. Outlook for week – reversal of bullish trend. See Positions section for changes made over weekend.


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