The 3rd Surge

Early Iraq War - 10

Fareed Zakaria, editor of Newsweek asks – Do we need a Third Surge in Afghanistn? LINK

  • In Jan 2008 we had 26,607 troops in Afghanistan.
  • The first “quiet” Surge under Bush added almost 22,000 to 48,250 by the end of 2008
  • The second surge in 2009 under Obama we added @ another 20,000 troops
  • Now “generals” have turned up propaganda for a third surge of 40,000 to 80,000 more troops.
  • The total surge in Iraq was only  20,000 troops.

Zakaria offers an interesting alternative strategy. You may or may not like Zakaria’s strategy. But, it is is certainly far less costly than nation building or colonialism throughout the Arab world . See link above.

Two huge bombs went off in Baghdad Iraq today killing hundred(s) (to early to tell how many died) LINK

Just a reminder that in Iraq the Shia slaughtered the Sunni’s (many who were terrorists) and million(s) fled or faced slaughter.  This had a huge impact on entrenching the new Shia dominated government. The new Iraq Shia led government is corrupt, sustains high unemployment, and along with Hamas and Hezbollah was the first to recognize Holocaust denier Ahmadinejad in Iran even while he was brutally crushed the “Green Revolutions.”

The two major Shia religious figures in Iraq with millions of fanatic followers -  Sadr, embraces Ahmadinejad and Sistan i remained silent about “Green Revolution..”

We are about to enter our second decade of nation building or colonialism in the Muslim world that continues to add trillions to our deficit .

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