Two faced/Batman – “Par-tay” – Mad money, big money, fast money vs. the long term economic viability of USA and world. Special weekend Update on short term traders vs. long term investors & taxpayers. Danger Will Robinson Danger, Danger.


1990 DC comic (Neil Adams – pencil)

Two Face 

Two Face is often thought of one of Batman’s most infamous villains (see clip) A man of two faces – one a former crusading District Attorney, the other a wacko super villain.

One major mantra of this blog for weeks has been the infamous Shadow Banks/Institutions and their future for both our country and the stock markets.

As predicted (see Updates of last few weeks) the Shadow Institutions exploded higher  (XLF +15.45%) and Wall Street (@+ 3,5%) soared on Friday. Why not, taxpayers not bond or share holders are picking up the bill for shadow institutions trillion dollar robbery and our government is allowing them to crawl back into the shadows of less transparency/accounting. 

One face to this rally is that if you want to be a short term trader - there is “Fast Money, Big Money, Mad Money” to be made  NOW!  Par-tay! So, the two faced writer of this Investment blog would tell any trader ride the wave – make the money

But as a long term investor or a tax payer – if you are spending trillions to bail out big banks, allowing them to run in the shadows &  keeping their too big to fail status - there is going to another even more catastrophic bubble bursting in the future. Danger Will Robinson Danger Danger

“Even at the cratered Citigroup, a technical analyst was moved to write a report last month urging his peers to stop living in “denial” and recognize that we are witnessing the end of “25 to 30 years worth of excess.”  writes Frank Rich in today’s NYT

Rich has his own two faced dilemma – No one is better faced to make this change to a new economy than Barack Obama and  Obama has paradoxically chosen a Dr. Strangelove “the last person to serve as an inspiring role model for alternative values would have been Summers.”  to lead us out the economic meltdown we face. 


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