Where Did We Go?

An excellent Tom Friedman editorial yesterday in NYT about the political deterioration of the far right. This is exactly what Investors411 has been talking about. No one is was willing to stand up to thoseĀ  depicting Rabin in Israel as a member of the SS and he was assasinated by right wing wxtreemists. The same is happening here. Mainstream Republicans are either silent or encouraging radicalism. LINK to "Where Did We Go?" by TF

Its heartening to see someone of Tom’s stature take this on. Investors411 has been beating the drums about this for many moons,

Sunlight Foundation

The Sunlight Foundation exposes the links/corruption in politics. This LINK shows the $10,000,000 the Senators got who voted against the public option on Committee. I believe it was $674,000 each.

That’s all folks – Off on Business trip


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