The scope and extent of the Japanese crisis keeps growing exponentially.(NYT)

Reports that radiation is 10 time normal just north of Tokyo will probably set off a panic. Other report of 23 times more radiation exist.

The impact in human costs to Japan are staggering. The ripple effecs economically on fragile, manipulated and recovering worldwide stock markets is also becoming apparent.

While everyone focus and sympathy should be with the people of Japan, a worldwide economic tsunami has become apparent. We seem to be beyond a Danger Will Robinson Danger Danger moment. But this unfolding human tragedy in Japan threatens to ripple though weakened & manipulated economic systems worldwide.

  • Despite a $185 billion intervention by the bank of Japan, the Japanese stock market has dropped 17% in two days. Fitures echanges have closd down
  • European markets are are down 3 to 4% today
  • Pre market trading shows Dow down about 250 points at 8:25 AM EST.
  • Fed POMO intervention can NOT overcome  a disaster of this magnitude or the following panic.

For stocks & almost all commodities, the only positions to have are short positions.

(see POSITION Section of blog for short ETF’s)

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