Neda, The Iranian Freedom Fighter


Photo of Neda by unknown Iranian

  • You can see the tragic end of Neda’ s life-on the Andrew Sullivan Blog here or the whole video  (you’ll have to scroll down to 2:27 PM yesterday of Nico Pitney’s live blog )at the Huffington Post here
  • NYT’s Roger Cohen has an excellent editorial from inside Iran here His first hand account on "Islam stands for Freedom" and what’s happening on the streets is riveting. Violence has escalate during the day and each night cries of God is Great (Allah Acbar) and death to the dictator ring out over  the rooftops of Iran.
  • The BBC is the world’s largest news organization and it strives to be neutral unlike American Corporate media (or me – I clearly have chosena side in this). They question the honesty of the Iran elections here The BBC lists many doubts. They also quote Professor Juan Cole who makes the same argument that Investors411 has made – How does a country 4 times the size of France collect 39 million folded paper ballots and count them in less than 4 hours?
  • Read Obama’s latest statement invoking Martin Luther King here

The question of the week is what do you think of Obama so far – Good, Bad, Ugly? Besides Iran, there are some huge issues facing the USA – Today Frank Rich editorializes its Obama’s Make or Break Summer here

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