Yankee Bob is Back

His Comments and Editorial Below

Much thanks to Sensei for alerting us to the $75 trillion in garbage  debt the Big Banks unload on the taxpayers.

You can watch the news on TV 24/7 and read every major newspaper but you won’t find that news. Obviously, the oligarchy has judged it not fit for print or give it much exposure.

OK, Now I Am Mad!

If you have ever taken an introductory  history course on the Supreme Court of the US or SCOTUS, you would know that the law of the land is neither mysterious, mystical, moral  or sensible. It is simply what a majority of Justices, that are cut from the same cloth of political pressures and discourse as the rest of society, decide.

Their words are nether lofty or Olympian. They can be very disappointingly and partisan.

Need we go further then the hand they played in stopping the vote counting in Florida thus appointing GW as President? Or the dehumanizing Dred Scott Decision or the humanizing of corporations  whereby the Citizens United case gave social constructs for business organizing – ie: corporations that which the Tin Man strived for, a human heart with the rights of a living breathing person.

SCOTUS can decide up is down or black is white or that the sun rises in the East and then what???

What do we do when we know they are wrong? What happens if Scalia convinces a majority on SCOTUS that if the President commits murder, it’s ok?! What if SCOTUS decides that we really were meant by the founders to be a Christian Nation despite the Bill of Rights? What then?

It depends entirely on the will of the people. Any law professor will tell you a law loses it’s soundness and effectiveness if it is unfairly enforced,or not enforced at all. Our prisons are full of prisoners that were caught spitting.

The US has the largest prison population in the world. That population is made up mostly of people of color and or poverty. Get caught with some weed, steal a radio, default on a loan, you could end up in jail.

The banks have looted and are still looting the US Treasury. Steel trillions from the taxpayer and you’re pretty sure of getting away with it.


It’s a matter of Class and of race. How can a law system that will put people away for minor offenses be tolerated if major theft isn’t even prosecuted?

Yankee Bob’s Solutions Tomorrow.

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