Did YOU ever think

your fellow Americans

would approve of a

Macow gambling magnet


YOUR Democracy?



Sheldon Adelson

$35 million so far, next

$100 million and now



In Syria, Iran, Russia

and other so called


We label the Plutocrats

who buy/finance the so

called “President” as




In the US a

Plutocrat/Gambling czar

who wants to buy a


is a Businessman

and business is worshiped

by many Americans





CEO Jamie Dimon

went in front of congress

for a massive

“trading loss”



Politicians from all sides

“Groveled” *

in front of a

“corporate overlord”


Many have enjoyed

the CEO’s $$$



The Hidden Story is

the constant

revolving door between

Government, The Fed and

our Corporate masters




That’s how much

Jamie Dimon &

17 other CEO’s received

in (near 0% interest) loans

from our Fed Reserve



Those 18 CEO’s first


for the FED before

getting the $4 trillion





“One Minute To Midnight

For Democracy”



“This Time Europe

Really is on the Brink”


Only a few economists

predicted the 2008

financial Meltdown:


Roubini and Ferguson’s

ominous editorial

against imposing austerity

on Europeans


LINK to results of

4 years of austerity in

Portugal, Ireland, Spain,

Greece, and Italy


Plunging GDP &



Another chart below

on the future AUSTERITY




Romney’s economist

Glenn Hubbard takes

the Banksta’s side

In Germany’s WSJ




Big Victory

For Banksta’s

Basel III



Basel III was supposed

to give the world

better banking regulations

NB – In cartoon –

Same casino capitalism reference to Las Vegas




Democracy in Europe

and the USA

is getting shredded


The middle class

is evaporating


Latest – Between 2007 & 2010

median income dropped from

$49,600 to $45,800 in the USA


Bankstas get the Gain

You get the Pain



*Many thanks to Jim J for the Heads up on the Matt Taibbi editorial




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