Power Nap

Investors411 is spending the day on research and answering emails. Two quick notes.

  • Short Term TradersThe PCR it looks like a very useful/accurate tool especially in predicting market moves from a day to a week+.  PCR closed at 1.19 =Bullish/Neutral. MO closed at 3.07 = Neutral.  HFT’s have 19% more puts to play with & MO is neutral = so short term advantage (not as strong as it was but) still with bulls.
  • Elizabeth Warren“Heroes” The Nov.10 2010 Investors411 is still the most Googled issue of Investors411. One of the “Heroes” Elizabeth Warren is running for Senate in my home state of Massachusetts. Consumer advocate, Warren is an clear underdog, but one of the few individuals I’m willing to work for.
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