How we are manipulated

Three examples of  how us sheep get manipulated


There are 57 different algorithms that go into every individual Google computer search.

Example if you type in the word Egypt you might get as the top three choices – “Crisis in Egypt, Protests in 2011 and Laura Logan.” Your friend types Egypt in a google search and gets – “Travel, Egypt Daily News, & CIA fact book”

Ted Logo

TED is an outstanding organization that offers educated and differing views on critical topics by some outstanding people (Investors411 is proud to occasionally link to this site).

Beware Online Filter Bubbles is a topic presented by Eli Praiser on how editors of newspapers used to edit what we read a century ago. Today Google’s, Facebook’s, and a host of other companies use automated algorithms to edit where we go on the web. Absolutely fascinating 9 minute presentation that I strongly urge you to view or going back to being a sheeple.

Political Manipulation

The killing of bin Laden is a story that has some far more obvious manipulations for political advantage. Obviously hundreds of people contributed to bin Laden’s capture and made many critical decisions – CIA technicians, spies, informants, information analysts, upper level military officials, navy seals etc. all the way to the President of the USA. A huge mosaic and team effort.

Obviously here, Democrats want to focus on the “critical” decisions President Barak Obama made that led to bin Laden’s death. The Republicans, understandably, want to change the narrative to anything but Obama. Example: they are trying to make the story about did torture play a role in the killing of bin Laden?

Silver Manipulation

Usually when the supply of something runs low, and the demand is great, the price goes higher. This is basic economics.  COMEX, the world’s largest commodities exchange is running low on silver. Or so the information seems to indicate. COMEX and others have raised the margin requirements on Silver making it much less profitable to buy and sending the silver prices plummeting.

“Another 186 thousand ounces of physical silver” according to source cited above is being “reclassified” by COMEX today.

There ar two clear sides in this silver market manipulation. Those who will profit over silver/gold moving higher and want it to become the fiat currency of the world (gold was before 1971) and those that want the dollar to remain the fiat currency of the world .

The cast of manipulators include central banks and major financial institutions across the world. Right now the dollar manipulators have the upper hand and the silver investors are in panicededfull retreat.

Disclaimer – I posted on this in yesterday’s blog and commented on it at 2:00PM EST. I own ZSL (double short silver prices) NOT recommended for long term traders or for people that will NOT watch silver prices closely today & tomorrow.


KISS & Stocks

(Keep It Simple Stupid)

If you don’t understand a term look in up at dictionary




Reading The Tea Leaves

What to watch today - Forget stocks and watch the dollar

  • UUP(Tracking ETF for dollar) Remember - Usually the dollar is a contrarian indicator for stocks. Any major fall may give temporary help to US stocks, but a major breakdown also signal major structural problems with the USA

The UUP has seen extremely heavy volume 3 of the last 4 trading sessions. It has leveled off after declining 9 of he last 10 sessions. The last sentence = short term oversold conditions. Opening and closing at the same level in heavy volume usually means a reversal of trend. In this case the dollar goes higher and related stocks/commodities usually go lower.

The dollar is a critical forecasting tool for stocks & commodities. The MO is in Neural, Silver is being manipulated lower.

So ir looks like for the short term bears rule. We’ll get back to the Bubblicious Fed market manipulations (higher) soon.


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Disclosure - I have personal  positions in REMX, DGP, (smaller) RJA (smaller) ZSL (double short silver)and manage a fund that has a 5 year position in GLD.

  • DDM (double Dow) is doing far better than UWM – Moving into this area that benefits more from falling dollar after expected dollar rally.


Longer Term Outlook



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