Another Snow Day

I’m again one with my Snowblower this AM so just a few quick items


Egypt Demonstration, 25 Jan. 2011

Another People’s Revolution is underway, inspired by what happened in Tunisia, but just like the one one in Iran. The major difference in the people rising up against the dictatorship in Iran & Egypt is that we give massive support to keep the Egyptian dictatorship in power and we basically Iran’s dictatorship is an enemy.

Sources on Egyptian revolution

Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen are all American backed dictatorships. We prattle on about freedom and democracy yet support dictatorships that do our bidding throughout the world while torturing, killing, and oppressing their people and freedom.


Traders – I would keep stop’s tight. Both the Dow (breaking up through 12,000) and the S&P (breaking up through 1300) are encountering resistance in crossing these psychological thresholds.

Traders & Investors – Read Jeremy Grantham’s quarterly report from yesterday. It’s hard not to be bullish while quantitative easing puts a floor under stock prices. Long Term Outlook remains CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH.

I will make some further remarks after snow blowing in comments section. If something unusual happens I’m sure Paul R would let you know.

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