“Sucking America Dry”



  • Monday we covered Levittown – How banks and the government worked together to build America.
  • Tuesday we covered how Lobbyists, “free market” bankstas, and politicians conspired to change the banking regulations that had kept America safe
  • Today we’ll cover some more changes the banksta’s and their politicians made and start to go over consequences.


“The World’s Biggest

Ongoing Heist”

Once the Banksta lobby found they could shatter regulations protecting Americans and the world, they rewrote the way they did business. They created a…

“A secret casino where  the world’s wealthiest companies and individuals bet trillions in other peoples money – OUR money – exempted from laws that the rest of us have to follow.”




Consolidated Debt Obligation


  • CDO was the first step. A “monster” bond that consolidated bank  debt (think mortgages). An investment bank would come in and buy that debt/bond and give the original bank a big hunk of cash. The original bank, therefore, wouldn’t have to wait agonizingly long for the homeowner to pay off his 30 year mortgage to profit.
  • This is basically a loan on a loan that blossomed from mortgages into everything from credit card to Greek debt.
  • Investment banksters suckered in everyone to take a pice of the action on these new legal bonds. Of course the rating agencies, who are paid by the bankstas  they rate, rated these new bonds AAA (the best)
  • Bankstas sold shares of these “blended” (good and bad credit risk) bonds to unsuspecting clients under the AAA seal of approval.
  • To protect themselves investment bankstas created a market where you could buy “insurance” against defaulting CDO’s. Except it was not called insurance, because insurance was heavily regulated by the government. It was called…


Credit Default Swaps

Financial WMD’s” – Warren Buffett


“Now these monster bonds are bet on in an unregulated private market, so no one has the legal right to see how the deals are being done.” In this CDS gambling parlor you can bet for or against each “monster” bond (CDO).


Greed runs wild

No major Bankster has any reason to worry about making a “credit worthy” loan or even make a loan at all, because that’s all chump change net to the $600,000,000,000,000 CDS market

That’s right $600 trillion over leveraged, private, opaque CDS market. Bankstas and the plutocracy can make massive money just betting on the FAILURE or Success of each monster CDO bonds.

Bankstas privatize the gains

and YOU socialized the losses

But that’s tomorrow’s story

See inspiration for this editorial at bottom of blog’s OVERVIEW Section (list of editorials/books)

Quotes above come from Dylan Ratigan’sGreedy Bastards”


A Must –

Ratigan’s chart on






The Shameless Plutocrats



Choking Off what’s Left of



What’s Getting trampled in the Dust of billionaires money is your voice in democracy – Paraphrase from Bill Moyer”s editorial






Wall Street Bull & OWS Symbol


  • Some Traders/Investors/analyst were perplexed and amazed at the big rally of lows in the last half hour of trading. YOU should not be
  • MantraINVESTORS411 has not changed its outlook, because this is a manipulated market. Our Central bank  has backed American banks since 2009 and the European Central Banks is now backing their Banks in the same way – by basically printing money and holding interest rates near zero.
  • ThereforeAnyone who wants a return on their $ greater than near 0% is pushed into assets that the ECB and Fed is manipulating higher. Our economy either gets better or the Fed has our back

Notice who is watching who

  • A major victory for Obama, the US economy, and stocks. The deal on extending both the payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits adds stability and income to the US economy for the rest of the year.
  • AAPL , the mother of all stocks, volume has decreased for 4 straight days. Prices have increased for 8 straight days.
  • Tom Demark is an analyst  that major firms pay 5 figure amounts to use his advise.  Using one of his indicators roughly based on the fact that AAPL has been up 11 of the last 13 days, we should start to see a correction about now.


  • Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator (MO) fell to -15.97. 50 DMA at +22.71 (for more see  STRATEGY link at top of blog and scroll down) With such a high 50 dma we are near oversold territory but still = NEUTRAL

  • What used to be the European canary in a coal mine is chirping loudly and strong because the…
  • Italian 10 year bond is now at 5.65% - No where near the danger zone of 7.0% of just a couple weeks back.
  • Bottom Line – An AAPL led technical market correction is very possible. A 2 to 5% correction would be “healthy” for stocks and a buy the dip opportunity. However, in a Central Bank manipulated market we could see equities flatten for a period instead of dip. Long term outlook unchanged.




Longer Term Outlook

3 months+








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