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Paul’s Corner

August 2012



It looks like the market is finally getting ready to go again. We have sat through a correction starting back in April and have seen the Ying Yang of the market for the past few months. Unless you have an iron stomach or were a skilled intraday trader this market hasn’t been safe.

Your Stock List May 2012 has seen most of the stocks correct sharply. Another example that buy and hold isn’t a great strategy these days. So it’s time to put together another list. I recently posted a few suggestions in the comments section:

Comment link A:

Comment link B:

I spent the past few days looking at many of the stocks I stuffed into various watch lists in my HGSI database. I created a list of stocks which look interesting. The following .TXT file lists 100 stocks from my current personal watch list.

Paul’s Top 100:

The following is an Excel file of these stocks with lots of fundie and technical data. This spread sheet sorts these stocks using Ian Woodward’s “Point score”. It’s sorted on the “Raw Combo”, and this basically brings the best stocks (at the moment) to the top of the list.

Paul’s Top 100 Excel File:

Please note many aren’t buyable at the moment but are worth watching for future buy points.

So my friends, you now have a list of interesting stocks to evaluate. I need all of you to make requests/suggestions as to which stocks from this list or your own lists we might add to the next “Your Stock List”. I’m not going to glean the lists any further; it’s up to you folks to participate.

So are we up to the challenge?

Disclaimer: You buy any of the dogs listed on any of these lists, you are a fool! You lose your house, your van, or your show set up from buying these stocks, too bad!

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