“The Comeback Country.”

America’s Back - Is the front cover headline from April 19th’ Newsweek.

The stock market chart below sure shows the US stock market is back. This issue of Investors411 is going to go over why stocks NOT the economy (a different story although since Obama took office we have gone from -700,000 jobs to +100,000 jobs a month) have recovered and one major point on technical analysis


LINK to bigger representation of above chart by dshort.com

CAUTIONWhile this two year chart (we are the blue line) does look good if you take a 10 year perspective the chart shows that stocks are in the 3rd worse bear market. The US stock crash of 1929 and the 1989 Japan stock crash the other two worse bear markets.

Why Stocks Recovered

  1. The Paulson/Bernanke Bailout - You can also give credit to Bush, Obama, McCain, Geithner and every member of congress that voted for this flawed plan. We stood at the precipice of well over a dozen of the world’s largest banks, its largest insurance company all failing. This would have easily have cascaded us in panic into another Great Depression. Many many big foreign banks were also bailed out.
  2. Worldwide StimulusObama’s stimulus plan cut taxes @ 10%, kept state governments solvent, provided new jobs, new focus on alternative fuels, and gave tax breaks to small companies. You can argue the merits of the Obama plan vs. the other world wide stimulus plans, but combined they made a difference.
  3. Low Interest RatesOur Fed and other central banks cut interest rates dramatically and gave insolvent or near insolvent banks the money at close to 0%
  4. Changed Accounting procedures - We virtually eliminated “mark to market” accounting. This allowed banks to less transparency in accounting and not to value assets at what they are worth at the present time.
  5. Speed - Unlike the 1929 Great Depression and the 1989 Japanese stock crash, action was taken within a year to fix a worldwide economic problem.
  6. Emerging MarketsChina, India, Brazil and others never entered recession. Partly because their banks did NOT get over leveraged. Their economies kept right on growing.

This is all truly great news for Wall Street. Of course for every on Main Street this Simply Sucks

  1. We’ve privatized the Gains and Socialized the Risk - Untold trillions have gone into fixing our over leveraged, unregulated markets (shadow financials that caused the crisis). The government money printing presses (later this means you pay with inflation) and tax dollars (bigger deficits) have added new burdens on Main Street.
  2. We’ve done NOTHING to fix the problem. Alan Greenspan had his OMG moment in front of congress when he exclaimed he was wrong – “Free” (unregulated) market can not fix themselves.  There is something called GREED that emerges on Wall Street if you have little or no transparency and rules.  In fact, we’ve made things less transparent by removing mark to market accounting.

Technical Analysis

I love it that so many of you who have my personal email send in stocks for consideration on YOUR Stock List. Again Thanks – I will give you a short technical analysis of each stock. Two new stocks sent in over the weekend CKEC (3D theater stock,but over extended) & MSPD (chart looks great!) are worthy of consideration. One stock on YOUR list ICON “raised guidance”

One request - Almost all of you send me some stocks that  are too small to consider. These small companies are too easily manipulated by Wall Street Sharks. Please send in stocks that do over $5,000,000 a day in trades. More than that is even better. Multiply Volume X Price

Over two decades I’ve watched /owned way too many of these “thinly traded” stocks that exploded.

Here’s how they fall in an analysis of ERES – Chart shows @200,000 shares a day traded and price at $7.27 = @ $1.5 million a day.  Thats chump change to hedge funds, big investors, brokers, institutions.  Its too easy for them to “pump and dump”

Example-someone acquired 1,000,000 shares around 6 to 6.5. over time. They pumped up the stock by buying more shares as it comes close to its technical breakout point. Knowing other investors would then jump in as the stock broke out, they pump it up by buying more. ESRS goes higher and then they dump the million (plus say 50,000 to 100,00 extra shares it took to pump up the stock) ERES prices go down big time but they make a killing.

This obviously does not mean ERES is getting pumped then will be dumped. But the lower the volume & price the greater the potential for manipuation

Don’t worry if the above explanation makes your eyes glaze over. Just stay away from thinly traded companies.


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