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-What Causes Terrorism?

Yesterday’s NYT op-ed by Pape, O’Rourke & McDermit was on – What Makes the Chechen Women So Dangerous? These “Black Widows” (Chechen women) are said to be responsible for a series of deadly terrorist attacks in Russia over the last few days.

The 3 authors are part of a group of nation wide university scholars and retired military that make up the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism. CPOST, based at the University of Chicago,  has exhaustively  compiled  almost every international  “terrorist act” since 1981. This massive database of international suicide terrorist attacks is a phenomenal  resource in fighting terrorism.

Their conclusion - it is Foreign Occupation, not Religion, that is the single most important motivating factor for suicide bombers.

From the op-ed’ conclusion As long as Chechens feel themselves under occupation — either directly by Russian troops or by their proxies — the cycle of violence will continue wreaking havoc across Russia.”

Both the Russians and the Americans have brainwashed their public into believing this is a religious or Islamic fundamentalist problem rather than one of occupation. 95% of the terrorist are from the home country that is occupied. In Russia they conclude it is the occupation as the “proximate reason” that began and continues the terrorist bombings.

Bottom Line - Americans should look at the occupation of Lebanon, (suicide truck bomb kill hundreds of US soldiers) Afghanistan, Iraq, or any other place we occupy or have puppet leaders just like Professor Robert Pap and CPOST looks at Russia and Chechnia.

Post Script – The Hutaree militia I incorrectly labeled two days as a “white Christian” militia were far more concerned with their loss of right under the Obama government and most references show a lack of religious motives. Everyone, including me, gets brainwashed from the media.

Also Mother Jones feature article this month is about a group in the US army called the Oath Keepers who are willing to take up arms against their superiors because they dislike the Obama government not for predominantly religious reasons.

KISS & Stocks (Keep It Simple Stupid)

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Index Percentage Volume
Dow -0.47% up
NASDQ -0.53% up
S&P 500 -0.33% up
Russell 2000 -0.77% -

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Technicals, Fundamentals & Analysis

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US markets got spooked by the ADP jobs report of -23,000 jobs for March. ADP in an independent company that does its own jobs report. The more important government’s jobs report comes out on Friday. Most analysts are expecting a +100,000 jobs gains or better in part because of new census jobs and snow/rain keeping jobless claims down.

Today has the weekly claims data announced.

Volume rose as stocks fell – a bearish sign that investors have ignored for many moons.

Apple – (along with CSCO) are the tech giants leading this leg of the rally. New Apple Ipad is getting Rave reviewsBullish for tech stocks.

The jobs numbers on Friday are far more important to the economy and elections than they are to stocks. Equities can live with bad numbers (not really bad data) because it will cause the dollar to fall and lots of their profits come from abroad. In fact, a really good jobs number could hurt stocks because it would juice up the dollar.

KING DOLLAR is still the major index to watch for stocks. (see below)

Significant Indexes

  • McClellan Oscillator fell  to -23.24 yesterday. A new lower low on chart for the month of March. [+60 or above = Overbought = sell. -60 or below = oversold = buy]. StockCharts has a better version of the McClellan chart ($NYMO)LINK. - Bearish pattern of lower highs and lower lows confirmed yesterday.
  • US Dollar -fell a significant -0.51% yesterday. Anything over +/- @0.50 is big. The Dollar has two major technical support levels – the old Feb high (we are at that now) & the 50 day moving average ( a little less than 1.5% drop to hat support level. Would be very surprised to see the late fall.

As stated before -What the dollar does over the next few weeks is critical to stocks and economics around the world. Falling dollar good for stocks & rising dollar bad in the short term


The  Positions Section = latest buys and sells – (Revised positions last weekend) - These are positions I actually own

As the McClellan drops and we come closer to overbought levels we come closer to investing more.

Still looking at TEVA, that’s falling in decreased volume. It has 2 support levels – One around 62 and its 50 day moving average at 59.83 and rising.




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