Day 18

Peaceful demonstrations have spread to other areas of Cairo and Egypt. Al Jazeera continues to be the best source on the Pro democracy REVOLUTION in Egypt.

The people in the street realize the power they have in Egypt and it is indeed a power that can change the world.  As many have pointed out, (see comments section of blog) Mubarak’s narcissistic address to the nation did not play well with the pro democracy demonstrators.

So many peacefull protestors have given so much blood in the name of democracy in Egypt that it’s hard not to be transfixed by this transformative moment in the history of the world. So today’s blog today is abbreviated.  I’m watching Al Jazeera and other outlets along with many of you.

Back on Monday with hopefully a victory for democracy and a better world. Keep an eye on the comments section for any changes in both the Egyptian revolution and stocks


KISS & Stocks (Keep It Simple Stupid)

Same Positions and outlook as yesterday. Link here

  • Monday has usually a good day for stocks over the last few months. So there may be some upside at the end of Friday.
  • UUP – the tracking ETF for the dollar is perhaps the best forecast tool for daily market movement.
  • The worries that are most pressing at this time- Emerging Market Inflation, European Debt & keeping Suez canal open.
  • The Fed’s liquidity tsunami still rules the US stock market.



Current ETF Positions. (oldest held positions listed first)(see comments section where all trades are first announced)

  • UWM (1/2 position, took 5+% profits already)
  • REMX (1/2 position, took 5+% profits already)
  • DBC
  • RJA.


Look for Paul R’s always enlightening remarks on stocks and sectors in the comments section of the blog. See ”POSITION“ section of blog (at top of page) for lists of potential stocks & ETF’s including ”YOUR Stock List.” (YSL#4 is under construction.)


Your Stock List #4 is under construction

Longer Term Outlook - CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH


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