“The Grand Slam

of Grand Slams”

Dustin Pedroia’s Grand Slam vs Yankees

No this is NOT about Baseball,

but about a financial expert/reporter/editor Dylan Ratigan who was last featured in this blog on September 28. His Rant is the

“Grand Slam of Grand Slams.”

Dylan Ratigan

Wendy Thompson Anderson brings up the August on Air Rant of Ratigan in Investors411 comments section.

Her link to the Ratigan’s Rant.

‘Tens of trillions of dollars are being extracted from our financial system…

Check out Ratigan’s award winning financial background.

If you want to take action you to help

  • Join Get Money Out of Politics, I have joined along with 250,00o+ others
  • Wendy and her OWS friends deserve consideration.
  • You can pass on the Ratigan Rant to others.

Yankee Bob

Yankee Bob’s original editorial has been replaced with the following on Ratigan’s Rant.

Dylan Ratigan’s rant is a grand slam. It’s the Grand Slam of Grand Slams. It is inarguably right on target. Not only is it must see TV but it’s absolutely right on.

I have been saying for months that a 5th grader could solve our economic and social woes. I still believe it. So why is it so hard for our political class to do so? It’s the money!! IT’S  THE MONEY!!!

It’s the money that prevents our politicians from acting  on remedies and even when they do, it’s the money that defeats the initiatives and defeats the individuals pursuing them.

IT”S THE MONEY. Our politicians are bought and paid for. They MUST chase huge amounts of money simply to exist. The  media is literally bought and paid for and manipulates public perception of issues not, for the public good but,thru the narrow prism of corporate interests…

Continued in today’s comments section of blog.




The Fed To The Rescue

Last Wednesday the US Fed lead a group of Central Banks with promised funding for trouble Europe. WSJ Story on this. Even China’s Central Bank helped although it said it’s same day action was not coordinated with other Central Banks. They lie. The only noticeable absent institution was the German Central bank.

How the Fed tipped its hand Monday

  • Investors411 last Monday brought to light the secret $1.2 trillion in loans to INTERNATIONAL banks over the 2008 meltdown. It’s only natural to infer that they would do the same for International or globalized banks in the EURO meltdown.
  • Of course. the globalized banking system is further interconnected through financial WMD’s – Credit Default Swaps.
  • Italy & Spain after reaching the 7% yield danger zone [where other European countries entered a “controlled defaults” on a hunk of their bond debt}  rallied on Monday for no apparent reason.
  • The single largest entity on the planet able to take action is the Fed and it was rumored to be involved, since no other less powerful entity (Germans, IMF, ECB or bailout fund) had done anything but jaw bone
  • The Fed’s role was becoming more apparent. It was only a matter of timing as to when they would PUBLICLY act.  If bond yields remain too high for too long in Italy and Spain their debt structure becomes unsustainable’

Therefore, we had reached critical mass (a meltdown was imminent as bonds crossed the 7% yield levels) It was now or never time for the Cavalry/The Fed.

Banks Get Bailed Out

People get Sold Out

The corrupt crony over leveraged phony capitalist system is getting bailed out again. The people of Europe who have an imposed recession (austerity measures) staring them in the face. Again the blackmail – If we don’t bail out the bondholders/shadow banks then the EURO will collapse and the resulting damage worse.

The threat of financial Armageddon has again forced bailouts. Behind all the bailouts is again the Puppet Master of a corrupt globalized banking system  - Ben Bernanke.

As Yogi Berra would say Déjà vu all Over Again.

Bottom Line Remains - 10s of trillions of dollars of wealth (See Ratigan Rant above) are being transfered under a phony, corrupt, over leveraged, privatize the gains and socialize the losses system. Banksters use catch phrases like “free markets” and capitalism” to hide the massive shift of money.

Germany’s DAX today up +0.54% at 6:30 AM EST

Up +1.00% at 8:45 AM EST





Reading The Tea Leaves

Our #1 technical forecasting tool, the McCellan Oscillator rose to -2.58. 50DMA at +9.38 = Neutral

The MO has been an outstanding tool in helping to predict tops and bottoms. Investors411 will continue to use it as long as it works. However – This is a manipulated market so ALL technical tools are secondary. The actions of the Puppet Master are paramount.

From Last TuesdayFor now bulls rule … Bottom Line – Old Wall Street axiom

Don’t fight the Fed.

The Fed manipulated the puppet strings (some hidden others transparent) and the USA didn’t go over the cliff. Can they and their allies do the same in Europe? – They certainly picked a perfect spot to make a big move. Our MO indicator was at -100 or OMG oversold levels.




YSL #7 is out and Paul has been updating it in the comment section of the blog.

EUO (double short the Euro currency)   1/2 position Bought at 18.60. Selling this position. Sold at 19.25 last Tuesday for @ +3.5% gain

Trades/Investments Under consideration-

  • APPL (long) AMZN (short) hedge trade.
  • GLD or DGP (double long gold)
  • SSO Double long S&P 500 – Will buy today

Woudda, Soudda Couldda entered more long positions on last Tuesday for Investors411 hypothetical portfolio. For now I settle for stocks that are trending well, but not over extended in YSL #7. Again watch for Paul’s comments on these.



Longer Term Outlook

3+ months


From Last Tuesday (AM) – BEFORE the giant Wednesday rally – The games afoot – But for now yesterday’s transparent Fed salvo – a giant worldwide equity rally – sure makes every investor remember four words -

Don’t Fight The Fed

The giant rally on Wednesday, forces another upgrade to CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH.

Buy the dip. The MO has a long way to go till we reach oversold. Paul’s phrase “You snooze You Lose” is appropriate.




Investors411 has 5 different valuations - BULLISH, CAUTIOUSLY BULLISH, NEUTRAL, CAUTIOUSLY BEARISH, and BEARISH.

Everything written in BROWN is a repeat from a previous day(s)




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