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Great Debate

The comment’s section is often the best part of Investors411. Jobs, China, Deficits and revenue have highlighted this debate. Jsovjani has come up with an informative data base on revenue deficits, & revenue.

How much tax revenue growth was there under Clinton vs. Bush vs. Reagan?

I look at the numbers relatively, so this (mostly) avoids having to compensate for population growth, inflation etc. I used the year each President took office as the base. Each new president built on what was already there.

  • Clinton inherited Bush Sr.’s budget and by the end of his first year 1993 it was $1,i54 billion.
  • During his 8 years in office he raised tax revenue to $1,991 billion in 2001
  • The total gain in revenue under Clinton was $837 billion or @ +72%
  • Bush Jr. started from the Clinton base of 1,991 and ended in 2009 with yearly tax revenue of $2,105.
  • The total gain in yearly revenue under Bush was @ +5%
  • Reagan in 1981 yearly tax revenue was $599 billion and when he left office in 1989 it was $991 billion
  • Reagan gained @ +65% Of course he did raise taxes many times. Something Republican forget.

You  use the previous year as a base number but the stats come out basically the same. There are cases where cutting taxes can raise tax revenue. But when you consider what Bush inherited and what he left us with and compare it to Clinton or Reagan РBush tax cuts over 8 years in no way raised significant revenue.

  • Clinton beats Reagan and their is a vast improvement in tax revenue building.
  • Bush comes in last by a wide wide margin.

As Robert H says numbers are relative.


The Black Boxes want to take this market higher. They did yesterday confirming the previous day’s rally.

  • The MO moved up to +27.04 NEUTRAL but approaching +60 or oversold levels.
  • The BDI took another big -3.87% hit yesterday= Bearish

Looks like another 1 to 2% gain will get us to overbought territory on the MO and a time to take some short positions.


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