The Mafia State;

Banks Owning Government


Image Victor Juhasz/Rolling Stone

“There’s vast criminality

in Wall Street now.

It’s bribery, theft, fraud,

bid rigging, price fixing,

gambling, loan sharking.

All of these things,

it’s all organized.”





Banksters/ Vampire Squids

Buy the Government



Lists US politicians campaign contributors

Let’s focus just on the heads of the Banking Committee

in the Senate and House

Spenser Bachus R

Tim Johnson D


Their largest campaign contributors

are all



We all remember 2008

[Investors411 2/27, 28, & 29]

Profits Bonuses & Bailouts

all went to the Bankstas


But Bankstas became far more than

America’s Biggest

Welfare Queens


“Finance & the Mafia State”

The Above is a Link to a Yves Smith Editorial

from her highly rated blog Naked Capitalism



The Mafia buys the Cops,

Bankstas buy the



Focus – JPM the biggest,

too big to fail,

casino gambler of derivatives



  • All 411 readers have read George’s story of  a bank’s illegal break in, theft and destruction of property at his home.



Jamie Dimon


“Diamond Jim”



Jamie Dimon

has sat on Board of Directors of

NY FED since 2007-


  • Since 2007 – The Fed has provided JPM with $391 billion in assistance
  • FED also provided JPM with $29 billion to buy another troubled investment bank, Bear Sterns


It Gets worse



“The Scams Wall Street Learned

from the Mafia”

link to Rolling Stone article

Imagine a Welfare Queen who abuses/steals from the food stamp program – She goes to jail and/or looses her right to food stamps.


But the Bankstas, like JPM,

for decades have

never gone to jail.


  • Foreclosed on soldiers while they were fighting in Iraq – No Problem
  • $228 million fine for bond bid riggings – No problem
  • $153 million fine for fraud in CDO trades – No Problem
  • $700 millions in Jefferson County municipial bid rigging/toxic swaps – No Problem
  • 33 million pound “record fine” – failing to keep client’s money separate from their own - No Problem
  • 450 thousand pound fine - JPM global equity chair fined for passing on inside information – No Problem


If this is just what JPM

is getting their wrist’s slap for.

Imagine what

they are getting away with


For more see Bill Moyers


with Yves Smith & Matt Taibbi

discussing the too big to fail bank,



The Best interview of the year!



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